The Boy Who Never Grew Up

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EDIT: July 21st, 2018
- Made a brand new mix of the song
- Added more powerful snares that give this nice 80s vibe

First off, can someone tell me what subgenre this song is from? I have no clue.

Anyway, I composed this song some time ago and I just finished recording the lyrics. It was a pain in the ass during the recording process because I pushed my singing capabilities to the extreme. However, I had a lot of fun in the end. Judging by the result, this is the song that rightfully showcases my vocal range.

The song itself can be interpreted in many ways, but it basically is about a person confessing to her mother who they will become.

So yeah, I hope you like it. If you don't, tell me your constructive criticism and I'll gladly take it in consideration so I can improve this song and the next ones. :)

Thank you very much!

What a delight to talk to you again

My questions were asked in pure vain
I would never back down, I'm breaking these chains
She says they're sinners, nothing but stains
All of my hope goes down the drain

I found a way
But then you walked away
I think about it night and day
Whatever you'd like to say
This view will even stay
When my body will decay

Can't you see
I'm better off this way don't you agree
Can't you come
And look out for yourself that I'm not alone

Why does it always come undone

I'll never look like a man ever again
I announced that I would climb the highest mountain
My mind caved in and got rid of the pain
Through my eyes like hard rain

I would not stop
But I fell from the top
Like a lonely water drop
Then I got up
To reveal a closeup
Of a boy who'll never grow up

Why does it always come undone
My heart weighs a ton
Why do you act like you've lost your son
Just look at what you've done
All of your words fire one by one
Like a thousand guns
Will you admire me among the suns
After all, I'm your loved one

Can't you see
I'm better off this way cause now I'm free
Can't you come
And realize that I am still someone

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The vocals are actually amazing, they are still a bit ammature sounding, but i think thats just filters. You are obviously discovering new techniques for blending your vocals with the music. You did a really good job making it blend oh so nice, i am not going to lie dude i really like this song. Your voice is nice to, i cant wait to hear more from you, but ide like to ask a big favour.

I would maybe like to use this in one of my series i do on youtube, i am pretty small time. Let me know or drop me message with your social meeds for credits if you give me the go ahead.

Amazing song, bravery and dedication shows, did you spend alot of time on this? cause i would not doubt it.

tallestrose responds:

Wow, thank you so much for your feedback, it really warms my heart! I hope my future content will be good as well!

As for your request, I happily accept! You can use my music freely, as long as my artist name (Wherestoday) is in the credits somewhere. :) Let me know what's your channel name, I'm looking forward to discover your content and possibly hear my song at the end! *internally screaming of joy*

Since the subject matter is really personal, it took a while before this track could see the light of day. I had it all in my mind since January of 2015. I composed the instrumental, took about two weeks here and there, let it sit for a month until I was motivated enough to record the vocals, and then I finished it on June of the same year. And one year later, it gets discovered. I'm baffled! Yet another example of never giving up, because you never know what just might happen. :)

At first I didn't like the vocals, but they truly do go with the song. Well-done!

tallestrose responds:

Aw that's awesome! Thanks a lot for your review! :)

Beautiful vocals, lyrics, and rhythm. Reminds me of a couple of other indie rock songs, lovely

tallestrose responds:

I'm so glad to hear! Thank you so much for your review. :)

"First off, can someone tell me what subgenre this song is from? I have no clue." - probably indie electronic or downtempo. Very interesting melodies and vocal work!

tallestrose responds:

My, thanks a lot for the review, and for helping me figure out what kind of music I'm composing. xD It really helps!

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