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Metal remix of Re:Reveris for Troisnyx. Say that 5 times fast!

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pretty good mate very melodic really like the guitar too.

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks! :)

this isn't my style of metal but the mixing and mastering is flawless. any tips and tricks for recording vocals? you earned that 5 btw :)

ADR3-N responds:

Yo, as for mixing and mastering, I studied tutorials by Chernobyl Studios and used iZotope Vocal Synth on some tracks. Tips for recording, well, for one, breathing lessons. Makes a huge difference. 2, don't be afraid to sound shitty; we all do in the silence of our little rooms, and it's natural to hate your own voice. Three, noise reduction and noise cancellation. Four, invest in a good mic if these aren't getting you good results, but I would sooner look at more FX processing. I recorded some of these vocals on a 20 dollar Walmart mic and the rest on a Blue Snowball.

Good shit right here. Idk why but this gave me some Silent Hill vibes with the vocals which I absolutely love. Seriously, keep this shit up dude, you're pretty damn talented.

ADR3-N responds:

Glad you like; I've got a few more songs coming up with vocals, once I can get them to render without crashing my PC. Also, I can't sing, but hey.

Thanks for the review!

Nice! Never heard the original song but I love Troisnyx. Why not not link to the original track in your description? I love the elements here. I just wish the mix was a little cleaner.

I reiterate a lot of what RealFaction felt. The mix sounds pretty high end. Maybe up the mids on the distortion of that guitar to help balance out those highs? I'd lower the levels on those crash cymbals a little. Crash cymbals take up a ton of space but don't need to be very loud to effect the quality of the entire track. I used to wham on my crash cymbals so much in high school. I've learned to be a littler more conservative with them as my hearing has dissipated over the years. It's a piece of percussion that mixed into something, can be a whisper but still have a ton of presence.

You can improve drum rhythms if you add some variety to the velocity of drum hits. I used to automate the levels on my hi hats to emulate the crescendos and decrescendos of a live drummer. I'd focus on putting that kind of variety into those bass kicks. For those double pedal rhythms I'd use a slightly higher velocity for the first kick hit. It's a small detail but we notice that kind of thing.

Love this track! Could you give me a recommendation for one of your original tracks? I love metal :)

ADR3-N responds:

The original is over in the sidebar, but I could probably drop it in the descrip, sure.

Yes, the mix is super dirty, partly because I only now am figuring out multiband compression can do what an EQ does, but better. Part of the whammed crashes is in the master bus and I'm not sure where that came from but will do. Maybe compress them less and let the room do the work.

Mix is a tad gainy and high. I'm still learning my way around this genre. Coming from swooshy EDM and Trap, you get used to that fizz.

Also, yeah, still getting a feel for kick velocity. E-drums don't have a great deal of sensitivity either. Need a new set.

As for my original tracks, Jesus, they all suck. Old Wounds was fp'ed tho. That's more of a ballad. Venom and Devil in the Mirror are crappier mixed because I'm a noob, but you might dig.

Thanks for the awesome review!

This is a pretty good idea, but vocals need work on the mixing and quality. I feel the singing could use a little improvement. It reminds me of the music in RWBY though which is cool. The guitars feel a bit dry, could use a little reverb. Something about the drums have slightly too much high end on them. It's a bit sharp. The vocals could could just be turned up a hair, they're a bit high in the mids though. I like this concept though. It's interesting the way you did this cover, the reworking of the key.

ADR3-N responds:

Yeah I plan on going back and fixing the vocals. In retrospect belting the shit out of half the song didn't turn out great and it's my first time working with izotope vocal synth.

Guitars, yeah, the whole track is otherwise pretty dry. And I can't sing worth a crap. Thanks for the review!

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Jan 14, 2018
11:08 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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