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I wrote the original in November of 2011, as part of an intended soundtrack for an intended bullet hell shooter called Project Chaplaincy. Then, over the years that followed, I wondered if this song would ever have vocals. Well, here we are. Piano, solo vocals and orchestral backing; I wouldn't have it any other way. I initially thought of backing vocals, but after hearing previous (albeit wavering) takes of mine, I decided to stick with solo vocals.

The original was written, inspired by rtil's art piece called 'Listen':

And I also had, for inspiration, Hatfield's (slightly) starry skies, which I used to sometimes look up and see on my nightly journeys home from university, when I was alone. These new lyrics, however, paint a different picture. They talk about another journey I had while in Hatfield, and still have today: my journey of prayer, which brings about so many emotions and images, and often drives me to the point of tears and dryness. All this is compounded by all the past abuse I spoke of in previous newsposts of mine.

P.S.: I know the date of me releasing this is Madness Day, but I don't care. The song is as valid today as it is on any other day.


Used in this project:
Akai-Steinway III soundfont, by Denis.


I can hear you calling when others can't, I wonder why.
I can feel you leading me by the hand, so tell me why
others look for you but they cannot find you if they tried.
Surely there are those who will listen, who will be wise.

I can feel the fire of your love in me, it gives me hope.
I can see your eyes staring in my soul, it makes me sad.
Knowing that no one feels the way I do, I walk alone.
Maybe there are few who would help me, but no one knows

How the night is dark, the path is long, the ground unyielding,
how my body bleeds, my breath is laboured,
how I walk the way you walked before, the narrow winding road,
how deep inside my heart, I yearn for you.

I can hear your voice as the westerlies still pass me by.
I have felt you beckoning to me, and I still wonder why
others do not feel what you feel for me, how hard they try.
Surely even I've seen the world through "realistic" eyes.

I feel your embrace in the dead of night, light in the dark.
I can feel your hand pushing me ahead, as I depart.
Knowing that no one feels the way I do, it breaks my heart.
Maybe there are few who would listen, but how do I start?

I could tell them how the night is dark, the ground unyielding,
I could tell them all about the bleeding,
I could even tell them of the laboured breaths,
and how I feel a greater longing deep inside of me.

Still, I walk the way you walked before, the narrow winding road,
and deep inside my heart, I yearn for you.

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Beautiful vocals! I can tell this was meant for a bullet hell, I hope the art was as pretty as the music! If the vocal part really was an afterthought, you did an amazing job fitting them into the song! It sounds so natural :)

Ethereal :)

How pure and honest and expressive. I haven't gotten around to leaving a review on this so far but will continue to study this to do it justice. Let me just say, the writing is inspired. I think you and I know by Whom. :)

Troisnyx responds:

Yes; I'm just grateful to the One who inspired the writing right now. <3

I cannot begin to imagine the effects on the people studying this song to remix it, or even on you -- but take all the time you need; I anticipate your take on it!

I really enjoyed this. One of my favourite of your works to date. This has a very Final Fantasy X feel to it, for me. I feel that perhaps the strings are a little muffled and your vocals are quite loud compared to the instrumental. Your mixing on the vocals has definitely improved though. This reverb really carries your voice well and your performance was very emotional. I loved that part after the first chorus though! I don't want to get this wrong, but during the intro, it sounds to me like I can hear the sounds of your lips/mouth, reverberated. It may be a slight effect or something, but it sounds like you didn't clean the vocal track up before you started singing. Usually all it takes is just a silence of the parts that you're not singing/breathing to cut those bits out, but I may be wrong if this was intended!

This song is really strong Trois! I love the ending too. Keep working hard and keep these songs coming, because they're inspiring and a pleasure to listen to.

I'm not crying... I'm not crying... To hell, I am crying. This is toooo amazing!

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