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Ode to Lille

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Surpriiiise! Merry Christmas!

0:00 Every night began with the sound of its key.
0:04 The nocturnal toy fox had seen better times. The state of its key signaled that the fox was among its last nights. Soon the key wouldn't turn, and the toy would die alone in this abandoned mountain warehouse.
0:20 It decided to open the giant metal door for what would be its last journey.
0:23 It scanned the land outside the warehouse, as if it was foreign to the little toy. For all it knew, the snowy landscape might have been foreign.
0:38 It marched onward into the breeze. The fox fixed its gaze on that one spot, that place between the rocks which it loved so dearly. It wanted to see it one last time.
0:53 Between it and its destination was a foreboding forest (well, forest to the toy, patch of trees to bigger creatures) on the mountainside. The fox kept treading forward, completely vulnerable but completely unyielding.
1:08 The winds picked up. The toy knew the journey wouldn't be easy on a blistery night like this. Soon a small snowstorm was under way, but the fox didn't care. Or at least it acted like it didn't.
1:26 How the fox's badly rusted, deformed key kept him going was a mystery. But it advanced through the tall trees, endured the powerful gale, all in an effort to reach its special place on its last night.
1:42 It pushed the last tree behind it. With no cover from the mighty trees, the toy was subject to all the elements in the final steps towards the rock, which was now visible just up ahead.
1:59 It didn't make it all the way. All at once the fox lost all its energy just a couple feet from its beloved spot. It tried turning its key one last time, but it was the most difficult it had ever been.
2:20 The fox trudged slowly through the remaining snow standing between it and its spot. As it proceeded it already knew it was out of time. The light was beginning to surround it. The end was here and it wouldn't make it.
2:39 But all at once the luminescence intensified. The toy fox found itself in a ball of glowing light, and rising. At first it was a surprise, but then the fox looked down and saw its treasured rock from a brand new angle, and it turned around to see a huge valley it had never seen before. The view was breathtaking for a small toy like itself.
2:53 Laying down within the sphere of light, heading deep into the cosmos, the fox realized that there had been so much more of the world than just its little mountainside. It was deeply heartwarming to it that it got the chance to see this before it died.
3:04 As the fox rose and its home grew smaller, it managed to notice a little girl sitting way below in the snow, watching it rise. It never knew the girl, but as they locked eyes, it was like it had known her its entire life. In that final moment, before its eyes closed forever, it smiled, knowing that it had finished with an audience.
3:23 Thank you.

Made this thing while on a Discord break. If there's one thing I learned making this, it's that breaks are good. Thanks for a wonderful year guys <3

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I Love This So Much But I Have Never Left A Review So Here Is A Review; "hi shootingstardew!" edition:

anywyas, this song is one absolutely prime example of portraying emotion and story through sound, serioulsy, i know the story itself was an after thought, but that only really shows the power of writing based on the song, and not the other way arround. i can really feel all the toughts, all the pains of the fox, all its laments, the pain of having to accept one's invevitable fate in one last self reflective journey and... the emotion of the piece is so strong, in fact, that it has personally been the perfect companny for some of my most self reflective days, even some of my darker hours. the compositional work and the ambience created by not only the soundscape, but also the the story that acompanies it create a feeling that is hard to explain, but has an all encompasing quality to it that made it so, by the end of each inner journey i took with this song, all i was left with was the last movement of the piece, with beautiful chords, a magnificent tie to miyolophone's world, fitting even without the context that caught miyo's hearth, and a smile on my face.

also, i've checked, and, unless it has been mentioned in your discord server, i think it is yet to be pointed out the super duper clear and not discrete at all inspiration from "one last look at paradise...", in both the feel last two sections, tieing with the end of said song's loop, and the idea of the scene that the song plays in being reflected in the story... and... i feel that. when in that scene, i needed at least some relief for the unfortunate fate. didn't we all. and, to portray that magically painful, beautifully cruel feeling of finding comfort in knowing that the light of your end shines to grow a smile on the face of ones who dont remember your life as anythign other than a ephemeral, fading shooting star in the distance.. it's... i... it's a very special feeling, and for you to encapsulate it all in a single song... it's a very you thign to do. as someone who too has a very strong emotional conection with gates to infinity, i can help it... the emotion that gates' ost produced in me in the past resonates within your piece, all while having a character of it's own.

oh, and i remember you once said you wanted that a kind of music you wanted to make, but never could, was examplified by "a home to remember", and, although the style and methods to achieve emotion in that song and your piece are different, they do transmit simillarly feeling, and similarly strong emotions to me, as shown by how... well... there's a reason self reflective and emotional are keywords in this love letter made review, so dont go around doubting yourself, know that you can portray emotion and style of any kind trough your sounds.

so, for giving me well needed company in tough days... i too say 3:23.

1f1n1ty responds:

hi! thanks for stopping by to comment on my pre-2018 self

it's been a couple of years so i'm glad to hear the magic is still there somehow :)

the thing with the story being an afterthought though is that i would rather be able to make music where the story comes first and the song comes second. because that makes me much more qualified to write a soundtrack which is what i've been trying

and the story i came up with is very gates to infinity because dang it i was like "hey can someone in this secret santa make me a gates to infinity remix" and it was like in my head

yes writing music while high on emotions is surprisingly fruitful, although the emotions themselves usually suck

I Love This So Much But I Have Never Left A Review So Here Is A Review:

i love how this matches with the story. it really gives the song an atmosphere that it wouldn't quite have without it. the slowed break at ~2:25 is gorgeous. as the song starts speeding up again, a gentle re-invigoration presents itself, before fluttering down into pensive vibraphone chords. the piano outro somehow fits really well (like really well but in a weirdly really well way) despite my brain telling me it shouldn't, and i love it; it sounds like that one Starbound track that i have never been able to find.

that is all! i hope me expressing my love for this song for like the 3rd time or something brings a bit of joy into your day.

1f1n1ty responds:

hi shootingstardew! thank you sire

the story was mainly an afterthought but it just sort of felt right. there are very few stories out there about a windup toy fox

and the only reason the piano outro is there is to make the final part of the story make sense in miyo's world

ah heck it's been such a long time since i've seriously contemplated the gratitude that made this particular piece thank you for reminding me of it

Holy, 1f1n1ty this song is so beautiful! I can imagine the whole story come to life with the song. Amazing job! 11/6 stars :3

1f1n1ty responds:

that's what happens when you write the story after the song :P

Amazing story, amazing song. How do you come up with such good melodies?

1f1n1ty responds:

with a piano

Both the story about the fox and the music as beautiful :3. I was imagining this little wind-up fox's adventure as the music went on. As Alex said, you did a wonderful job syncing the two. Beautiful ;3

1f1n1ty responds:

Have you read Miyo's Kindling A1S1? If not you should read that too, it gives a bit more context :)

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