Ode to Lille

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Surpriiiise! Merry Christmas!

0:00 Every night began with the sound of its key.
0:04 The nocturnal toy fox had seen better times. The state of its key signaled that the fox was among its last nights. Soon the key wouldn't turn, and the toy would die alone in this abandoned mountain warehouse.
0:20 It decided to open the giant metal door for what would be its last journey.
0:23 It scanned the land outside the warehouse, as if it was foreign to the little toy. For all it knew, the snowy landscape might have been foreign.
0:38 It marched onward into the breeze. The fox fixed its gaze on that one spot, that place between the rocks which it loved so dearly. It wanted to see it one last time.
0:53 Between it and its destination was a foreboding forest (well, forest to the toy, patch of trees to bigger creatures) on the mountainside. The fox kept treading forward, completely vulnerable but completely unyielding.
1:08 The winds picked up. The toy knew the journey wouldn't be easy on a blistery night like this. Soon a small snowstorm was under way, but the fox didn't care. Or at least it acted like it didn't.
1:26 How the fox's badly rusted, deformed key kept him going was a mystery. But it advanced through the tall trees, endured the powerful gale, all in an effort to reach its special place on its last night.
1:42 It pushed the last tree behind it. With no cover from the mighty trees, the toy was subject to all the elements in the final steps towards the rock, which was now visible just up ahead.
1:59 It didn't make it all the way. All at once the fox lost all its energy just a couple feet from its beloved spot. It tried turning its key one last time, but it was the most difficult it had ever been.
2:20 The fox trudged slowly through the remaining snow standing between it and its spot. As it proceeded it already knew it was out of time. The light was beginning to surround it. The end was here and it wouldn't make it.
2:39 But all at once the luminescence intensified. The toy fox found itself in a ball of glowing light, and rising. At first it was a surprise, but then the fox looked down and saw its treasured rock from a brand new angle, and it turned around to see a huge valley it had never seen before. The view was breathtaking for a small toy like itself.
2:53 Laying down within the sphere of light, heading deep into the cosmos, the fox realized that there had been so much more of the world than just its little mountainside. It was deeply heartwarming to it that it got the chance to see this before it died.
3:04 As the fox rose and its home grew smaller, it managed to notice a little girl sitting way below in the snow, watching it rise. It never knew the girl, but as they locked eyes, it was like it had known her its entire life. In that final moment, before its eyes closed forever, it smiled, knowing that it had finished with an audience.
3:23 Thank you.

Made this thing while on a Discord break. If there's one thing I learned making this, it's that breaks are good. Thanks for a wonderful year guys <3

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Holy, 1f1n1ty this song is so beautiful! I can imagine the whole story come to life with the song. Amazing job! 11/6 stars :3

1f1n1ty responds:

that's what happens when you write the story after the song :P

Amazing story, amazing song. How do you come up with such good melodies?

1f1n1ty responds:

with a piano

Both the story about the fox and the music as beautiful :3. I was imagining this little wind-up fox's adventure as the music went on. As Alex said, you did a wonderful job syncing the two. Beautiful ;3

1f1n1ty responds:

Have you read Miyo's Kindling A1S1? If not you should read that too, it gives a bit more context :)

Breathtaking! And that's quite literal, I am so charmed after listening to your composition I can't breathe normally. The story fits the music so well, it's like I'm watching an animated movie. That's... a true talent you posess, thank you for the chanting experience!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
P.S. Please apply that "rule of thumb" to me, too...

1f1n1ty responds:

oh no you still have to breathe dude

i don't wanna make someone not breathe

Nice Song 1nf1n1ty

Also Can You Make A Song About SEA1997 Please? :)

My Rating For The Song. 10/10

1f1n1ty responds:

what's sea1997 probably not

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