Within The Sadness (1f1n1ty Remix)

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1f1n1ty - Within the Sadness Remix

HAHA! Take THAT, workflow-which-gets-none-of-my-wips-complete! My first actual, full track of the year, and it's a remix of the somber theme Within the Sadness. I've always loved this track from the moment I heard it, and my ears went to work immediately. After a hard month and a half, I've finally managed to whip it into completion. YES!


1. Bespinben, you're the best! I didn't use his sheets this time, though, as he didn't have any. But he was still a REALLY BIG help with getting me out of my state of writer's block! Thanks a bunch, man!

2. This piece has, arguably, my best drum design ever. Seriously, I'm really proud of how well the drumset turned out.

3. Within the Sadness is a great piece, but it doesn't have THAT much content. So to mix things up, I threw in some Despair here and there. The drop, if you didn't recognize it, is the dark, Ab minor part of Despair.

4. You may have noticed the one 17/16 bar in the drop. Or you might have not. Regardless, it's there, and it serves no real purpose other than organization in my DAW. :/

5. No, the bongos in the breakdown after the drop are not supposed to change with the barline. I was influenced by Lynn Glassock's "Between the Lines" lol

6. I tried to do a rubato thing at the end. Let me know how it turned out, because usually rubato is not easy on FL.

Key: Gm -> Fm -> Em -> Fm -> Bb

Tempo: 100 -> 110 -> 60 -> 80 -> 160 -> solemn

Time Sig: 3/4 -> 4/4 -> 17/16? -> 4/4 -> 2/4 -> 2/2

Drum Channels: 29

Tracks: 18

Log Time: 13.5 hours

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ou_U6DrFJA

Enjoy! :D

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I want to walk and listen this song. ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Nice and calm.


how to do a good travel level on gd : overdecorate your level, do a good gameplay, and use a 1nf1n1ty song !

Time to use the full song in my level (I’ll give credit to u)

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Feb 13, 2016
12:16 PM EST
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