Search And Rescue [The Archer Girl Ep.13]

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(The thirteenth song of 'The Archer Girl', telling stories with the song)

What happened next after "Now It's Your Turn"?

Listen to the previous episode, "Now It's Your Turn" here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/765934

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Ari opens her eyes. She looks around rapidly. She sees the doctors and researchers surrounding her. She realized that a Ringer was injected into her body. She furiously kicks one of the researchers. The researcher is knocked down, bumping into a desk filled with medical tools. The other researchers look at Ari with shock in their eyes.

"The serum didn't work!", one shouts.

Ari kicks another researcher. He gets knocked down as well. The nurse runs out of the room and pushes a red button on the wall. Instantly, the whole corridor glows red. Loud electric beeps ring through the corridor.

"Warning! Experiment Failure," the computer repeats.

Ari now appears in the corridor covered in blood with a knife in her hand. She runs through the empty corridor looking for her bow.

You run through the main corridor of Base E. While you tried to catch Dr. Kingsley, the military of Base A conquered the Base E. You run to the center lobby of the Base E, and see Commander Rex. He goes toward you.

"I know you missed the guy," Rex says, "and I'm really angry about this."

"I'm sorry, sir." You say.

"But there's no need to talk about it now," Rex says, "since we have located where Ari is."

You look at Rex with astonishment.

"One of the helicopters found the location and already sent few soldiers to help rescue Ari," Rex says.

"I have to get there," you say. You really wanted to help the base and save Ari.

Rex nods.

"I was just trying to ask you that, kid. Let me send you helicopters and the military to help you. There, you have to save Ari as well as destroy the boss who took her. There's a motorcycle just outside the base."

You nod. You instantly try to go out of the base to get the motorcycle.

"You know how to ride a motorcycle, right?" Rex asks.

You turn round.

"Of course, sir," you say.


You ride the motorcycle through the deserted land. Sand and dust fly through between the motorcycle wheels as you ride on. You constantly hear the chopping sound from the above. It's the helicopters, guiding you the way. There are soldiers on board, getting ready to fight for the base. You see beyond, a huge facility covered with barbed wires.

"You're almost there," you hear the secondary commander talking to you on a radio.

. . .

Ari finds the bow and arrows on one of the small rooms. She grabs them and runs out of the room. Just then she notices the military running toward her. She shoots the arrow towards them with a tremendous force.

. . .

As the helicopters land on the ground, the zombies and monsters all run towards the Base A military. The soldiers all run towards the incoming zombies and shoots them. The secondary commander shouts at you to enter the facility now.

You run to the entrance of the facility. It's locked with the electronic security key. You blast it up with your gun. The door opens. You enter the facility and notice Ari holding up her bow with an arrow, aiming towards one direction.

You run up to Ari, trying to say that you're here to rescue her. But just then, you see Dr. Kingsley holding a gun, aiming at her. You instantly aim at Dr. Kingsley. He smirks at your act.

"What a pleasant surprise," he says.


Composed, Mixed and Story by Jessie Yun
Created with GarageBand iOS (iPhone Version)

Cover artist : BelleDeesse
Link : http://www.wallpaperup.com/98283/Tomb_Raider_2013_Archers_Warriors_Rain_Games_Girls_rain.html
Get more updates via website : https://thearchergirl.wixsite.com/tag-official

Additional (Amazing) Credits:
2 Takito Drum Loops provided from HBSamples.

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Great cinematic as always)

JessieYun responds:

Hi RemileOduen,

Thank you very much for the review! Next episode will come soon, stay tuned!

A true masterpiece only rivaled by Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. That's just my opinion on this one anyway, and I'm sure others will think otherwise.

JessieYun responds:

Hi Lathryn,

Wow, thank you so much for the super big compliment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the episode :D

By far this is my favourite song in the series! Very epic and atmospheric, good job!

JessieYun responds:

Hi Alex!

Welcome back! And thanks so much for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the song! :D

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