Now It's Your Turn [The Archer Girl Ep.12]

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(The twelfth song of 'The Archer Girl', telling stories with the song)

What happened next after "The Truth Of The Alliance"?

Listen to the previous episode, "The Truth Of The Alliance" here:

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The old ambulance car runs through the deserted meadow. The mark "HERO" shines through the dull sunlight. It now arrives at the silver metal building. Researchers, scientists, and nurses, wearing a white gown, drag the hospital gurney with Ari on it through the corridor. They soon arrive at one of the experimental rooms. The medical scientists bring tons of medical tools, getting ready to start the experiment. All goes extremely busy to set up.

One scientists who looked like a doctor, briefly checks her health, and injects the Ringer's solution. Then he looks at a nurse.

"Bring Z-89. We'll start it right away."

The nurse nods and runs out of the experimental room and into the corridor. Soon she arrives at one of the medicine rooms. She picks up the glass bottle with a blue liquid. There marks the letter on it: Z-89. She carefully carries it into the experimental room.

The researcher picks up a shot and injects the liquid into it. Then, he pours the liquid into the Ringer.

"Let's see what will happen to her." He says.

You slowly wake up from the deep unconscious sleep which was like days more than hours. You are being held by the stretcher. You find yourself inside. You moan since your head badly hurts. You look up. You see a Commander Rex on your left.

"Commander...?" You say.

Commander once looks at you but looks forward again. He looks quite angry.

You arrive at the place where all Ari's team is there while your mind settles. The base is full of maps, base models and a big hologram on the center. Rex, looking quite angry, punches his fist on the table.

"That girl messed up again! Making alliances with a strange base? Then she got kidnapped? I shouldn't have let her alone to lead the base in the first place!"

"It's my fault, sir," you interrupt, wanting Ari not to be kicked out of the base.

Rex looks at you.

"If it's true," he says, "now it's your turn to clean up the mess. And the chance to prove your skills to our base. I have left you alone because of that girl, but since she's gone, it's you who should bring her back. But for the start," Rex continues, "we need a plan to destroy this base. I know that there have been movements of preparation for the battle with our base."

You and the team, with electric guns, runs through the Base E Headquarters corridor. No sound came except the sound of footsteps.

The rooms and corridors were empty.

"It's empty, sir," one person says to Commander Rex.

Just then, there comes a sound from beside.

"Open fire!"...

This is only the preview of the story. Read the whole story here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-2j_UN47bsQ7RbUj-KJmfODuEmD8K-UFuU6DjS4H2I8

Composed, Mixed and Story by Jessie Yun
Created with GarageBand iOS (iPhone Version)
And iSymphonic Orchestra VST (iOS)
Take a look at the designed logos here : http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jessieyun0404/the-designed-logos-the-archer-girl-series

Cover artist : BelleDeesse
Link : http://www.wallpaperup.com/98283/Tomb_Raider_2013_Archers_Warriors_Rain_Games_Girls_rain.html
Get more updates via website : https://thearchergirl.wixsite.com/tag-official

Additional (Amazing) Credits:
Amazing Bass Loop :
2 Taikto Drum Loops provided from HBSamples.
FX provided from 99sounds.

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Nice, fresh action after slower previous episode

JessieYun responds:

Hi RemileOduen,

Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the track :)

Awesome, as always...

Btw, how many songs are in this EP? I've never seen an EP having more than 10 songs.

JessieYun responds:

Hi, Steve.

Thanks so much for the comment. Glad you enjoyed it!
We are still planning, but our EP songs will be likely finish on 15th-20th "episode". That will be one season.

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