OpenLight - Perseverance (SirHadoken Cover)

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So there's this song that I really enjoyed a few years ago and couldn't stop listening to it, by the name of Perseverance by the legend himself, OpenLight. I got it re-stuck in my head recently for some odd and unknown reason, but this time, I started getting ideas about how to change the song, and how a remix of it would sound, and the thought wouldn't stop bothering me until I sat down for about four hours and made this in one sitting. Some parts aren't very great, but I still think it's one of my best, somehow. I guess I never really set the bar very high in the first place, eh?
On a side note, THIS WAS SO FUN TO MAKE! I didn't even listen to the original song a solid time before making this, so the last like 4 minutes of the song isn't even included in this. I went a little off on my own tangent instead. :)

Here's the original: www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/475468
I'll put it in the description so you can compare the two tracks, or contrast them more likely, but I won't put it off to the side since I didn't use any samples or clips from the original song itself.

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The intro lead isn't too spectacular, and there were a couple of wrong notes in the melody I believe. That's really the worst I have to say. I really loved that 0:07 part, where the bass and percussion grooves come in.

Thank you for this! I always love hearing remixes of my work, and you did a very good job with this one.

SirHadoken responds:

Thank you! I'm really glad that you, and you especially, like how it turned out, and that you even found this in general. I've adored Perseverance for a genuinely long while, and I'm more than enlightened to know that I haven't done a disservice, to you and to the community in general, in putting a little spin on it. :D
Mad respect to you for the unmatchable craftsmanship with which you made the original, timeless piece that shall never be forgotten or lost. :)

I like this remix. The beat is really cool sounding to me, and it fits the techno theme really well. I think the beat at about 2:18 should be close to the middle of the song since its like a drop, but thats my opinion and I like a good drop in songs. Other than that nice work. 8)

The baseline strange was a bit strange. Your instruments' qualities are a bit all over, and don't don't really go together well. The effects sound ok, but you're not using any background sounds to set the feel for the track properly from what I can tell. This is definitely a step down from your last two songs in quality, but a step up in effects. As a side note, I'm going to start holding you to a higher standard than I was, since you've improved quite a bit since I started reviewing your tracks.

SirHadoken responds:

I couldn't agree more, I was really proud of myself for the composition aspect of it, but I find it hard the composition I want without the quality being a bit askew. From what I've heard, it most likely has to do with mastering, but I don't even kniw what that is, let alone how to do it. I'll try to figure it out at some point. I'm definitely okay with you raising your standards, as the struggle would stop if you didn't. The fact that you did raise your standards, however, is definitely a motivational milestone for me. Thank you for staying and reviewing after all this time! Every time I upload a song, I'm always eager as to what your review will say :p

Seriously this is actually really good, it has a really good base build to it. Im glad you had fun making this because that is what counts and is what makes a track good. Good on you for making this so well. My only thing to really pick you apart on is your mastering. No one gets their mastering right and it's tough to do, not even i have great mastering. Although it does make a big difference in how powerful and full your song sounds, you'll figure it out the more you make :)

Well done:D

SirHadoken responds:

Thank you! Especially coming from you, that means a lot to me! I actually have no idea how to master, or what mastering even is, or I would've at least tried, but I have a feeling that the way I sidechain might make it a little difficult. I'll look for tutorials or something and see what I can do. Thanks for the input! :D

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Aug 13, 2017
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