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Vibe Check

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Author Comments

Nothing serious, just something I had WAY too much fun with. I got some new stuff to play around with, so I started trying some stuff out and ended up with this mess which escalates from some easy vibe chords to opening the gates of Hell and summoning the Dark Lord pretty quickly. I didn't really want to share this anywhere since it's just supposed to be a funny, but there's no point in funnies if there's no squad around to laugh.

Anyway, enjoy the absolute atrocity, don't take it too seriously, and April Fools.

Made in FL Studio 20 primarily with LABS and a bitcrusher, with a pinch of Harmor and a dollop of unhinged automation.

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i know that this wasn't supposed to be taken too seriously, but i actually really like the jazzy rhodes part at the begining, it could be the start to a new and less horror oriented song.

@SirHadoken I missed you the whole time! Welcome back!


i like when people use bitrushed

SirHadoken responds:

Yeeeah a friend gave me their bitcrusher plugin and I was like "do you realize what you have just done" lol. That was one of the things I played with the most here.

It does seem stream-of-conciousness oriented.

That said, there is a moment from the 19 second up until the 38 second mark where it feels like either found footage horror or, more so IMO, it evokes the similar unsettling feeling I got when I watched Petscop for the first time. This moment has potential. I'd like to see you run with that concept in a future piece.

I don't get why you think the piece is funny. I'm open to hearing why.

I'm curious about the title. Why is it called "Vibe Check"?

I also think you could use compression/limiting or at least normalization to increase the volume. That way the listener doesn't have to change the volume for this specific piece.

I hope you find my feedback useful. :)

More info about how I review music here: https://codefreq.newgrounds.com/news/post/1089806

SirHadoken responds:

Yeah, I kinda shot for horror vibes in some of this so I'm glad a little made its way through. The transitions aren't that fluid because I approached the song in a really whatever way lol, in a way it kind of IS my stream of conscious.

That plays into why the piece is so funny to me. It's just so NOT a song to me. Funny isn't the theme of the song but it's moreover its existence as a whole that I find hilarious just for being something bizarre that I'd never do traditionally.

I couldn't think of a good title for this because it wouldn't be right to call it something totally serious and it wouldn't be right to call it something totally stupid either. There's this meme where this oddly disturbing looking emoji face that turns red and gets closer with his hands out saying "you didn't pass the vibe check" and I imagined this song as having a similar feeling of just chilling at first and then going straight to Hell.

I was really worried about the volume of this; I was overly worried about it clipping because it screws up the atmosphere, so I overshot and made it super quiet. I could try to fix it later.

Thanks a ton for your feedback, I always enjoy considering other people's perspectives of my work. Cheers!

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4.45 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2020
1:04 PM EDT
File Info
5 MB
3 min 7 sec
  • FL Studio 20

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