Japanese Dojo

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Light medieval Japanese plucked instrument. Flash only :)


I am a Ronin. Not just any Ronin, however. I am one who had single-handedly slain my former master and all those who dared to stand in my way. He was a corrupt, despicable man who treated those of lower class as if they were the scum he excreted. Taking money from the poor, kicking children down, and even slaying men and women without good reason.
He was trash. So I did what I thought was right.
Now, far from home, in the easter region of japan, a dojo resides. As I pass it by, I give it my utmost attention and decide to pay it a visit. The master of the dojo welcomes me kindly, but he knows my face. He tells me that, as unfortunate as it is, Ronin are not allowed to be taken up as students. He gives me a smile and tells me that I am free to watch the students train, however.
I took him up on it and followed him in. I feel the gazes of many students trained on me. I was recognized by the students as well.
Just as I move to seat myself against the far wall of the dojo, a young man with a bamboo sword approaches me and tells me that a Ronin has no right to be anywhere near a dojo. I remain silent, not bothering to give reaction to his words. All I want is a bit of rest before I resume my travels. He refuses to budge, however.
I look up at him and catches his condescending stare. I become curious as to how much, or how little, he knows of me. Does he not know how I became a Ronin? Is he, perhaps, the son of a lord?
As if he were answering my question, he challenges me to a duel. He seems to only know that I am a Ronin. I accept his challenge.
With a bamboo sword, borrowed from one of the students, I engage him. The surprise in his eyes are evident throughout the his endeavor. The duel is quite fleeting, only lasting for a few brief moments.
I stand the victor, while the ignorant student lies beaten upon the ground. I return the bamboo sword to the student kind enough to lend it to me and walk back to the far end of the room.
As soon as I seat myself, the master of the dojo orders the students to resume and they obediently oblige.
I have now given first-hand experience of my skill to one of them and proof of my feats upon becoming a Ronin become doubtless. They now know the honest truth.

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Perfect song. Ronin warrior introduced it to me, of course. Fantastic in the atmosphere it creates, superb and sublime in the mood it captures.


I don't normally take time to write reviews out for audio submissions but I just had to for this one! The Oriental theme has been one I've tried to create for quite a time and here you have mastered it greatly! This song is great, calming, relaxing, and authentic. It has everything a dojo/meditation theme needs! Very well done. (If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me what you used in this song? Thanks).

10/10 From Artist to Artist

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seems to reminf of the koto soundfont on synthfont

very good ( and i mean it is good) i like the incorporation of the woodwind into the use of all the strings, ive noticed that in some work the strings can overpower wind instruments and that makes for sad listnens.mmhmm good job very good

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Ahh so this is a dojo...

I could really imagine being in a dojo, just relaxing, drinking some tea. I think the flute in the background is a Shinobue (which I am currently learning). Good Job!

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