Ronin Warrior

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Front Page awesome Thanks Guys! I love the suggestions being thrown around. <3
I'm still sorry that some of you can't play this because you're on a mac (well you can but not as well).

!! SAVE FEATURE Ok so i don't know what's up with this, i updated a while ago and it said wait for admin approval. The save feature works when i use the standalone version on my pc so i assume it would work on newgrounds (i did use SharedObject.getLocal();)
. I'll have to look into this.

A strategy i know works: Dash attack into the enemy and hold the mouse button so that you keep slashing, or dash attak and hold block while moving back from the crowd, then repeat! :)
Hint on Giant boss: Block his first attack! it only does tiny damage if you block it!

Also shift blocks too along with 'F' i forgot to mention that in the tutorial

!!! Apparently this game doesn't work very well on Macs, or maybe it's firefox i don't know, im sorry.

This is my first complete game. I was limited on time so i didn't get everything i wanted in (like a difficulty setting). I am also not a writer so i picked a simple story line. This game is reminiscent of a flash cartoon i made a very long time ago called Hamurai or soemthing like that.

Controls are in the tutorial (please pay attention to the tutorial, it may save you!)

A small part of the character design was inspired by the Madness series. This is a submission for the MaxGames contest. I hope it's supposed to be submitted here too :-/

Please comment, i would love to hear feedback and suggestions.


i really like this but why cant you save like if you reach a village it auto maticly saves or you can save it

I love this game because to me, it is timeless. First played it back in '07, was fantastic. Since then i've played through about once a year, whenever the feeling hits me.

It's the finer things that make this game such a gem to me.

Simple and rich.

Straightforward yet suprising.

Excellent atmosphere.

Thank you for making this.

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I beat it! it was cool but also i beat in a minute the final boss with the final sword
Awesome game but short , thought

This game is really good! even though im not playing games that vs a computer but there are always exceptions! and the soundtracks!...very beautiful and so good that i even want to download them!
so im asking can anyone tell me please what is the name of the soundtrack when I fight Shurryou?it sounds very beautiful and i just want to have it! can anyone please help me???

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lol i suck

i cant even finish the first level
im such a weakling

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4.12 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2007
1:16 AM EST
Action - Other