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Bubble Cannon 2

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Can you bounce, reflect and pop your way through 10 levels to achieve a state of Zen?

- This game is intentionally hard.
- Make sure you get the most out of every shot.
- If that means ricocheting bubbles off each other/trickshots - DO IT!

Please review :)

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This game is amazing - I love billiards and this game lets me exercise my brain in very much the same way. Thanks for your effort!


Simple, but good fun

I like this game a lot, it's got the same mechanic as it's predecessor but in this game you have to carefully use each shot whereas in bubble cannon 1 you need to avoid the bubbles reaching the bottom or they'll pop. I find it funny that several people find this game overtly difficult compared to the first- in this game my max score is in the 200s while in the first game I struggle to make it into the 20s.

anyways, it's a very simple but addicting flash with a good physics engine, well-balanced challenge, and a tranquil Asian music score. I like how you didn't over-complicate the concept by adding in special bubbles or powerups (excluding the last level). With only 29 reviews and no trophies this is one of the better obscure games on Newgrounds that I've been coming back to since it's release two and half years ago.

its pretty funny to look at the reviews

xD everyones like *bitch whine moan* because apparently its hard o.o its not hard it just takes practice and patience (and thinking about what u do before u do it -.- herp derp)

Addictive and challenging!

I finally reached the ZEN level (where your cannon will gain power) after months of compulsive playing... @_@"

Great game: you need lots of concentration and strategy to keep going, but when you finally reach the topmost level, the self-satisfaction is indescribable!!!
It's true that's hard (the first time I thought that if a colour was eliminated it wouldn't reappear, thus untangling some chaotic situations), but it's not impossible: keep trying and better yourself! ;-DD
On the other hand, the leatherboard submission can be a le-ettle pain in the @$$ especially when you flunked a game <_<

my score: 227 popped over 246 shot \o/