A Noisy Sundae

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Alright, so as we all know, this is totally not a genre I am good at. But the track is just so awesome that I too had to make some kind of rendition :D
I actually could've improved on this still, as johnfn gave me some stellar tips for it! But I totally spit right in his face, and didn't change a thing (because I don't have time, as we all know). I definitely need to get working on dem0's and mine next NGADM track >:D

But as I said, this is such an awesome track, NoisySundae! No wonder everyone is remaking it XD
Even if my mixing and mastering isn't perfect, the loop sure is, hehhe. The sound design is okay, but not as good as it could've been had I had more time to play around with things.

Also, even more props to NS, because the MIDI file did most of the job itself. I only had to move/add a few notes, change the gunshots into some kind of percussion, and adjust some velocities, as well as pick some presets and edit them to fit the track, and do my horrible unbalanced mixing. Yay!

That said, this track is so awesome that it almost sounds pretty good despite all that. I hope That Noisy himself remixes this too :3
And that a secret nominee does it as well... you know who you are!!!

Either way, I hope you enjoy my second submission for the NGDIC 2 (phase 2) contest! The thread can be found here ;)



During the first split second, there was this distorted, frantic, and almost arrhythmic bass that I thought was a bit out-of-place. After that, though, the lighter tone it had until around :27 was super cool. While this obviously isn't a structurally complete piece, I can appreciate the darker direction you started to take it in towards the end. The loop isn't perfect again (or maybe it's my computer?) but the end of the loop at least partially justifies that distorted bass riff I was talking about at the beginning. I also think the track would've been more engaging if the drums were stronger. After all, that's theoretically half of what makes it a drum and bass track, no? However, I am glad you're exploring different genres a bit. Looking forward to reviewing (most of) the rest of your new-ish tracks later this week! ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Once again, this isn't an original of mine, as it's part of the NGDIC2 :p
And unfortunately, my sound design and mix on this one is rushed too. The percussion should definitely be louder, and I'd switch some intruments out. But I couldn't thouch the melodies or structure.

As for the loop, I don't even recall if this is perfect or not, as Newgrounds (at least on my system) has started messing loops up for me, by placing a short cut/silence before a restart. I'll need to check on another computer before I'll know if the fault lies with Newgrounds, or with my system.

I'll look forward to your reviews! I'll review your track eventually too (whatever that means), but first, I owe johnfn some reviews, as well as a long and super delayed response. I really have too many projects and left over stuff that I'm slacking behind on, to even be able to properly keep up with it XD
Next year, I think I'll stay a lot calmer than this year, but we'll see. Thanks again dude!

Awesome job remixing this man!, I can agree the mixing could slightly be improved (Percussion - kik mostly) but its still catchy as hell and well executed overall. Good luck on the NGDIC!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks dude!
Yeah, johnfn gave me some great tips I could've used, including the kick.
I'm glad you liked it overall. I should totally review your latest track, but I don't have time right now. I hope I'll remember some other day!!!
I won't forget forever, that's for sure at least...

yo lucid
nice loop you have done here sure it not look like you genre but you still have done a good job :)
also i dint see fault in that sure you can do this maybe better like you said but i have no idea what you could add or change :P

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, dude!
This is a recration of a track made by NoisySundae.
The things I could've done better, is the mixing, mostly on the bass and the percussion. The sound design is not perfect either. I especially would've wanted to find a better intrument for the pads :)

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