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Nope this isn't the newer or better track that I promised last time. I'm still working on that, and I noticed it might take a while, since I'm still working... And such... (3 more days! Of working, I mean. The song will take longer to make...) And I have my final school assignment to do, so that I can get my totally useless music diploma!

So in the mean time, I wanted to see what I could do if I downloaded a free drum VSTi (Hint: not that much XD)... Sorry for the length, btw. It just so happens that this took one and a half hour for me to make this night :/ The composition itself only took about 5 minutes, 10 with the drums, but this was my first time trying to figure out how Cubase uses automation, and how the heck I should mix the drums -_-
As you can hear, the results could be better :p
However, if I were to do this again tomorrow, I could get the same results in a third of the time!

Don't blame me; at least I'm learning, right? :3
(Oh, and those two synths are pretty much just presets).


Well, it loops nicely and has a spacey feel to it. What more could you ask in a "Space Loop"?

The sounds are a lot higher quality, but I guess that should've been obvious since you weren't recording this time.

Personally, I don't really enjoy open hi-hats when used in such a way, but eh. The kick and snare seemed great, although I think the snare could have been a little more sharp.

The synths and melodies sounded very nice. Can't really complain there. The loop was also almost perfect.

Not much to say here, I guess. Good job!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Indeed. Want to know a secret? I'm actually really bad at coming up with names, so they're almost always dull :3
Yeah. The sounds ought to be of higher quality than usually. I didn't even use my synth/piano to record the midi, just my keyboard (get it :3?)... And my mousepad...

Oh yeah, you're a drummer! You're probably right about everything you said. I wish I knew how to do stuff with drums :p One day I shall learn! (Guess who just randomly selected some drums, and pressed here and there in the piano roll to see how things sounded, and didn't have any idea how to mix it all afterwards?)

Some of the presets in the synths sounded pretty nice, so I didn't really do anything to them. Except of course, up the drive on one at the halfway point, and EQ the other. As for the melodies, I'm pretty happy, even if this is waaaaaay too short.

I think I finally figured out how to make somewhat smooth loops! The only problem is that the very beginning of the song needs to play the remaining reverb from the last part, which makes the start of the first loop sound a bit odd :p

Not much can be said since this loop is so short again. Even if I'd happen to make another short loop, I'll make sure to upload something longer/better next time. Promises, promises...
It'll be fun to see what you'll upload next time ;)

It's all good, dude. I feel like loops are good quick bursts of ideas that just need to stand out by themselves. By the way, 3 days? You going to throw your hat into the AIM contest?

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you like it :D!

Yeah. These short loops are my lazy learning projects for the moment. Since my time is still slightly limited, but I still want to get some results, I just make quick loops every now and then to learn and have fun (I'm very new to all DAWs. I don't upload most of the loops though). I can agree with how you feel about loops too :D

Nah, I'm not entering the AIM contest XD
To begin with, I don't think I'd stand the ghost of a chance, although it would be fun to enter! Steampianist just uploaded a track that I just think might win one of the prizes too. Good luck to you though, I genuinely feel you have a chance! (But I've only listened to about 20 entries :p).

Also, I'm not sure I'll be done with the track I'm working on in 3 days; I just got done with the composition, and I'm both lazy and not that good at mixing :'D
It's just more DAW training for me anyway, it's not that well thought through :')
The 3 days are how many days are left of my work. After that, I already have a three month vacation! So I'll spend my days inside, making music the whole summer! Maybe... :3

Thanks for the review!!! :)

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Apr 11, 2014
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