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Facing the Foe

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Hello again. This was the original idea left from Round 1 of NGADM, that sprouts to become this majestic and wonderful work of art. LSD has single handedly created this track without my help. He could prove that his ability and talent are not bound to whether there are good tools or not. Let's say, he has shown me the way. After what we have gone through, I'm very confident LSD could handle himself in NGADM especially after the result of this round. The orchestration and composition are superb, way surpass what I could do. This track, I promise, would bring you wonders and fantasies.


Whoah. How do I start after such a description? Thanks to dem0 for the the amazingly nice words :p
We ended up uploading the version that I made myself from start to finish (solo piano, to orchestraion, to mixing). Although dem0lecule did give me a few mixing opinions at a few points, which were helpful.Thanks to LunacyEcho as well, also for some advice and for listening to several versions of the track in the making.
The reason we uploaded this version, is because we didn't have time to make the other one -with demo's intruments and mixing- good enough in time. He has been busy with work and computer issues, while I've been busy with my University and endless partying (Students + Finland = Alcohol, times infinity).
So almost all the instruments you hear here, are from EWQLSO Silver Edition, with my far from perfect mixing. Somehow, I am so slow at working that this track took me 40+ hours to make...
We will upload the other unfinished version some time after the judging for this round has ended ;)

Here's the artwork that I ended up using as the cover art, once more painted by SkyrisDesign:


I didn't aim for realism in this track, as much as on general enjoyment, so the panning is just however I felt like it should be (to recreate this in real life, you'd need quite many marimbas, next to eachother, to create moving panning [that, or we could invent a Marimba on wheels and a motor XD], and the poor marching band would have to run at a few points to move position in the midst of all the other instrumentalists).
It's a shame, but I didn't have time to humanize the drums. Other than that, snares, gongs and crashes are pretty much all I have in terms of percussion that could fit this track, which is why I totally overused all of them :p

However, when we come to the composition and structure of this track, I think it's way more on the positive side. It's a complex track, with melodies besides other melodies, so it may take a few listens before it sinks in. I know that some people will complain about the lack of repetition, but that's kinda how I roll XD
Especially in this track, as it's a JRPG-style battle theme (not a boss battle though, despite the dramatic beginning). If this was in a game, people would hear it hundreds of times, so I think it would have enough playtime to get too repetitive ;)
I also kinda made this kinda loop. It's not perfect, especially not with the tempo and semi time signature change at the loop, but I don't really have time to make it better XD

I like the intrumentation, the melodies, the chords/harmonies, and the progression. I also think I leveled this well enough to bring out the elements I wanted to bring out the most.

But enough of boring speculation around the track! Take a while, listen to it, and try to enjoy it for yourself ;)

Here's for hoping that we get to the next round, even though I went solo on this one!

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I've been listening to this over and over and it took me ages to even realise it was a loop. That's how good this is. You should totally remake this with the skills that you've developed over the past two years because this is genius.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It means the world to me to hear that from you, knowing your love for the games and the music that inspired this. I've actually been planning on remaking this, along with a few other of my older orchestral pieces. Thank you <333

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