GTB - Ascending To Heaven (Instrumental Mix)

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Hi NG community! After all the hype here it is, the Instrumental version of my song Ascending To Heaven. I've been talking with Himeko to write some vocals for this track, if we can find something interesting we'll upload a Vocal Mix here.

Share some love, critizism or whatever with a review, a vote or a follow if you like what you hear. Thanks people! <3


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Opening, this just sounds fun, and your sweeping sidechain transition does pretty well. Reminds me of something beachy, honestly, like a Wave Race game. It's just got that happy, wind-in-your hair. I really like the keys on those chord stabs, though I feel more could have been done with them.

Transition at 1:00-ish is interesting, into those strings, with chords I don't often hear in this genre, and the bass sweeping into the new progression. I feel the keys should have crept back in at a less intrusive volume, but once there they mix well.

Build up to 2:20 gives us a satisfying bassline and keys, but that lead is a little weird and just feels like it's hanging out on top of everything. Distorted guitar lead also lays on top of the mix. It's sort of crowding out my ears, and the mix begins to distort. This is where the track loses its center for me. Those leads are waaaaay over the top, and everything starts to feel overcompressed, to the point of distortion. They're simply carelessly introduced and too loud. It is here the track loses all of its dynamics, and I feel the happy is being slammed down my throat almost.

Lack of fade-out ruined at good outro for me. Overall however this was a pretty pleasing sit and listen, with just a couple tacks in the chair. You'll get there though. Keep at it, and again, thanks for the requests. Brightened my night.

I really like the pulsing chords you have! The part after the buildup is my favorite (2:22ish), and you did a really nice job with the sounds you used! The drums were present, but not overpowering, just as it should be in a trance track. I also really like the guitar sound you added later, but it felt maybe just a little bit to harsh. Maybe you could have added some stereo spread to that guitar too. Other than that, it's a great song! I really enjoyed the listen, so thanks!

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks to you for checking this out! I realized the guitar was a bit too distorted after some other reviewers told me, I had a headache trying to make it fit with the rest of the song, giving it a stronger uplifting feeling. I will try to improve the next time I work with a guitar. Thanks again for your interest.


returning the favour!

Ok so as usual your composition is great 5/5 for that and the violin in the breakdown is a really nice touch. I'd say lay of the Downlifters though in the break.

Ok so like the last the mixdown it's a sidechain/Kick drum thing, have a look at "obtaining" a copy of Xfer LFO tool or something which will squash the volume of the bass down according to how much you want which will help the kick come out more as i feel it's slightly hidden.

My main snag in this all and all is the kick doesn't punch through on the drop. Like i said before message me if theres anyway i can help.

Make sure you don't leave this song and forget about it though, learn more mixing and refine this because the synths, progression, composition, melodies etc.. are brilliant it just needs some tweaking thats all.

good job man.

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks for returning the favour D00fy! I will search the Xfer LFO to improve the sidechaining (I usually use Effector or Fruity Parametric EQ 2 for those issues). Also, feel free to message me if you need anything too! I will try to reupload this song as soon as I can improve those things you and the others say in the reviews. Greetings from Spain! :)

This sounds allot like the kind of music i once made.
Its easy listening and fun.
i do have to say that the guitar idea is great (later in the song) but doesn't really work out for me personally. The song on its own doesn't have that dynamic feel and feels loose.
Depth is another thing, its their but not allot. you should work on those things in my opinion.

Also one other thing.. not to brag or make you feel like its impossible,
i have worked my ass off to get where i am now(and thats not really far, yet)
its been 7 years since i started doing music.
i did everything on my own.
No friends to help me, just the support from my family
and some guidelines from the internet i kept following.

You are lucky to have friends/listeners is probably what i'm trying to say here ;)
Keep it up!

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks as always for your feedback D-Chain, I know the world of music production is full of obstacles, I began producing at 14 with a FL Studio Demo as a hobby, nothing serious, but I wanted to continue learning more and more. My family always supported me because I started learning music when I was 5. Although I don't see this as my professional achievement, I will always keep learning to see how far I can go.

Regarding the song, I will try to work on these issues to improve the mixing (it is the most difficult part to polish unfortunately).

You have an unconditional fan of your work here D-Chain, your effort deserves it :)

Awesome track! Trust me man I love me some trance, a lot of my music is really trance inspired. I really like your synth choice and arrangement. The main bell chords are fantastic. The only two gripes I have are that the kick doesn't punch through the mix enough, it's a good selection but it's just not loud enough! The last thing is the guitar, it added a nice layer but the treble is causing distortion, I'd look into it. d: All in all it's a great track andI hope you get those vocals in!

Last thing..

Can I try remixing this? o:

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :D I give you my permission to remix it, only put a link here, that will be enough. Also if you want the .flp I can give you my email (just if you want to avoid guessing the notes, etc.) It really makes me happy that you want to remix this xD. Send me a PM if you want the email or something else.

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