TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm - Monody (GTB Remix) [NG cut]

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FINALLY, IT'S HERE!!!! After 2 years of exhausting production, modifications and tons of work here it is, Monody.

Thanks @ThisIsTheFatRat for uploading the vocals back then, I hope you all enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making this song.

It has been the most difficult song to upload here, with almost 2 years of production during my free time. Thanks to everyone here in the NG community to keep up my motivation, this is for you!

Hope you enjoy!



It's your lucky day! Because of the nonsense in the R4R thread, you get a whopping FOURTH review for your jammy trance number because everyone is nice and we believe in equality and justice. I made sure that Chliz reviewed your work before I reviewed his, but his review was so lackluster and disinterested, I should've reviewed yours properly first. Hope this makes up for that.

Really enjoying the 90s/early 00s feel of this piece, especially when the vocals kick in. Although they feel somewhat old-school, the vocalist feels modern and reminds me of Elle Goulding. The mix, for the most part, is good too!

Intro - jumps straight in which is cool. Maybe a slight intro or build up would be nice, but it works how it is. I feel like there should be a hook here to maintain interest here. There's that tinkly melody on top, but it's not really at the forefront, and isn't powerful, so perhaps bringing it out a little or changing the sound and backing the bass off a little could brighten up this section.

Verse - I like these vocals a lot. Good job with the recording, processing and effects Maybe a touch too much verb, but it feels pretty tasteful considering the style. Instrumentally, I wish it changed up a little in this section. You added a couple new chords to the progression which is nice, but that bass is quite insistent and unrelenting throughout the whole piece so a little something new, or maybe a little something less, would've made it even better.

Chorus - I like the filter automation going on with that chord pad. Wish there was a bit more of a melodic element here. That cool plucky instrument finally pops out and makes itself clearly as the chord stab pad fades out and it'd be nice to have heard it a little sooner, a little more clearly.

I feel like overall, this is mixed pretty well, has great elements and absolutely captures a nostalgic element of early 2000s trance music that I listened to when I was much younger. The shortcomings really come down to the arrangement. The song is very repetitive, but it somehow lacks familiarity without any previous sections reappearing. I remember hearing it fade out at the end when I listened to it for the first time and thinking "Oh. I thought there was going to be another verse and then another chorus", but three and a half minutes had already passed. I think by tightening up the arrangement and adding stronger hooks and melodies in the instrumental parts, you could come up with some really fantastic stuff!

Great job either way and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you :) Good luck with your next R4R

Very good remix!
The vocals fit well into the trance theme you got here. The first transition from the vocals was very great, with the fading in chords!
However, although the song itself is great, not much changes throughout the piece, with a lot of repeated trance bass. Perhaps try messing around with different chords, or even do a modulation to spice things up a bit!
Overall, great job!

You got shafted in the R4R thread so here I am to give you an actual review.

Intro sounds really tight, good mixing right off the bat! The only tiny little thing I noticed was the crash cymbals on 2 and 4 were a little loud. Other than that, your mixing and EQ are consistently really good throughout the entire song, so very well done!

Delay and reverb on the vocals are good.

Melodically, there's not a ton going on. That's probably my main issue with this track: it's not very memorable.

It is also a little repetitive, but I get that that's the style, and it doesn't sound bad or anything, so that's just more of a personal note.

I filled this review with some more negative comments, but just to be clear, this is a super solid track! I enjoyed it :)

Very noice intro, I like this intro better than the original monody one! I also love the trancy feel.

well let me tell you that i took the time to listen to your 2015 Monody remix demo version.
This i do so i can compare the 2 besides giving "just" a review ;)

So on to the start where it all begins.
you start of fresh i like it, its energized and fast paced.
The following build up's are quick strong and some are subtle changes that scream for more energy.
And with good reason because it keeps building and more energy is given to me the listener.
This truely reminds me of how trance used to sound 15 years ago.
But, i can't forgive myself for putting this in the review, i really dont like how the lead synth sounds, it is simply too cheesy for me :) i somewhat had hoped that in those 2 years you would somehow tweak the sound a little bit to make it less cheesy. but thats just MY PERSONAL TASTE lol.

Those vocals are amazing aswell, a great acapella AND great singer.
I feel that you put too much reverb on those vocals, better lower that reverb a little bit and try to combi with really subtle delay so you almost draw it sort of out, but its subtle so more for filler.
Another thing is the effects (sweeps, crashes ect) are somewhat harshe, you could lower the volume levels a bit to make it more friendly to the listeners ears ;)

Apart from my critism, i really REALLY love what you did with this remix.
It truely shows that much time has gone into it, therefor i shall fav it.
Ill give you 4,5 stars as my review score and a 5 on the rating because this deserves a 5.

just remember, music comes from the heart and soul, time is only a limitation for us producers.

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