Open Spaces

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Don't let anyone tell you that you're not a wonderful monkey.

A savage in an open space.

Your cubicle is the final frontier.


Interesting, is the word I would describe this song with. You really went all out and explored different sounds with this.

The detuned lead-ish sound that comes in at around 1:00 is cool, for a time, I think it would have probably been better if you used it more sparingly or more accentuated. you fade it nicely into the next sound which kind of sounds like a bell, maybe you could have accentuated that sound with the detuned one. In any case, it moves on nicely to the 8-bit style chords at 2:30. but then at 3:00 you break it up, it doesn't come as smooth as the previous transitions, it kind of sounds like a totally different song at this point. allthough the sounddesign is still intressting it kind of breakes the mood a little to much for my taste. then you come back to the theme in the beginnng which kind of makes the track remind you of what it was. the detuned lead at around 5:00 is a little too weired for my taste, it's really off key, ok it probably was your intention to make it so but it takes getting used to. the break at 6:00 really nicely opens up the track.
it get's lighter and the listener get's much needed release. I think you brought in the beat a little too early more space and athmosphere would have been a better choice here in my opinion. then you go to a whole different section again with your sounddesign and also the melody, again I think a little too much, nothing reminds me that this is still the same song. Same thing applies to the last part: whole new section might as well be another track...

So to conclude: It's a very diversified Song with a lot of sounddesign and clearly a lot of work put in to it! I just think you missed a chance to tie it all up together to make one coherrent track out of it, it jumps to much from one part to another and doesn't really have the connecting parts to keep it all under one theme. This could have easily been 4 tracks.

To get to your mixing: It's good, nothing amazing though. erverthing sounded nicely balanced against one another but nothing really blew me away. Use the stereofield a little more directly, everything seemed a little too wide and so a little mushy.

Anyways nice song, try and keep it a little more consistent on your next piece ;)



GdabZ responds:

Thanks for your very detailed feedback. It helps!

Amazing work, maybe a bit long, but it is worth listening from the beginning to the end. That subbass and pad are just... wow. The complexity of genres all over the song is incredible, every single element connects with the next addition on this tune. I give you a 4.5 because sometimes the synths cover the rest of the melodies behind them. Greetings from Spain, and keep it up!

Please, if you don't mind, go and check out my newest project: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/640064

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GdabZ responds:

Thanks for your comment!

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Jun 16, 2015
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