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Time Slows Down

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I'm doing a new style of melody writing where I simply sit and stare at the computer until a good melody occurs to me. This is the first song that I've written in that style. I would occasionally do this in the past and some of my favorite melodies came out of doing that (love theme for robots in space comes to mind).

I also spent a long time getting dat beat to be just right. I think I did a pretty good job on it. I started thinking of people like Skullbeatz where 90% of the interest of the song would just be the DANK BEAT. I hate to admit it but for the longest time I would just chop up premade drum loop samples and that would be my beat.

I wrote this one on headphones with no keyboard (both different than normal) so it might be a lil different. I kinda forgot how the bass response on these things is supposed to be so I'm not sure if I got that right in the song...

Inspired by https://soundcloud.com/malmen-1/, particularly https://soundcloud.com/malmen-1/malmen-heartbleed. I admit, the first 30 min or so of making this song I would just listen to Heartbleed every time I didn't know what to do for inspiration. As ridiculous as this sounds - like I just copied him or something - I would actually highly recommend it! First, my song doesn't really sound the same as his at all. It took on a life of its own. But second, having a reference of what someone way better than me would do was really helpful for pushing my own track a little further.

Malmen is phenomenal btw. And his mixing is out of this world!!! How does he do it?!?

P.S. Also the irony is that I set the BPM to this song to be the highest BPM I've ever done a song at (180) in order to make myself do some sort of dnb thing, but then I subconsciously made it go in halftime, so it's actually one of the slowest songs I've ever done... :D

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This is awesome! <3

johnfn responds:

thanks man! i've been a big fan of yours for ages!

(oh haha i even mentioned that in the description :P)

It progresses a little slowly, but I like the climax and the way you gradually fade those synths and melodies in amidst the piano. The sweep leading up to 1:05 lacked effects, IMO. It needed some more interesting filters/distortions/phasers and things so that I couldn't recreate it in 90 seconds in FL Studio. That's a pretty picky detail, though. Obviously, you continue your reign as the Awesome Melody King, as evidenced by 1:05. That said, I think the texture of this track isn't as full or engaging as many of your other tracks (and just because it's slow doesn't mean it has to be less engaging). Also, that breakdown from 1:50 to 2:30 dragged on a bit too long IMO. Still, I love the beat and the melodies after 2:30 or so. I will beg you to start ending pieces properly, though. I'm literally on my knees right now, Johnfn. Fade-out endings are just not my cup of tea. Still, solid effort as always. It's a nice, smooth, and relaxing piece. Keep it up! ;)

johnfn responds:

Pffff. I like that one thing that you didn't like. I can't believe we have a difference of opinion on such a thing! You like the thing and I don't like the thing. Can you believe this thing?!?...

This is really awesome johnfn! I like the mix, every instrument sounds clean and clear and the melodies are so fun and catchy to listen to :)
I was a bit disappointed to hear a fade out at the end, it feels like the song should be a bit longer imo.
Very nice work man, keep 'em coming :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks Mattashi! Once I read that it was better to leave your listener wanting more than to make them annoyed that the song is too long... though I don't always stick to that advice... hehe ^_^

johnfm, johnfm, johnfm. You've once again created a wonderful track, johnfm!
You also picked a very fitting name for this, johnfm! It really feels like time slowed down while listening to this, but of course in a good way. It's the atmosphere that makes this possible. But how did you achieve that atmosphere, johnfm?
I like your melodies and intrument choices as well, johnfm! Even though you mave have created this in a slightly different style than usually, I can definitely hear the johnfmy style. The bass feels fine to me johnfm, but then again, I am also wearing headphones.

Your beat johnfm, is great. I'm glad you put a lot of work into it. The johnfm-style synths and leads really give a chill feel, which is just what one would come to expect, listening to one of johnfm's tracks.

And to be honest johnfm, I really like that the tempo feels so slow. I guess that's part of the reason why the name fits so well (and perhaps also why you picked it, considering you kinda halved it XD).
Parts of this actually feel a bit minimalistic (while others do not), but I didn't even notice at first, as you made everything run so smoothly and work so well together, filling up all the necessary frequencies.
And wow. You hold true to your johnfm endings as well! Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with fading out, I guess. For some reason, I think that this piece would work really well as a loop though, johnfm! It doesn't feel repetitive, because of the great structure. The mood is also consistent, and I don't know if I'd say there is a climax either, which might be why.

I love this track, and it's going straight to my favorites.

Keep up the great work, johnfm!!!

johnfn responds:


LunacyDreamer6... I think you responded to the wrong guy's song.

your melodies are always so good. KEEP IT UP BABY
"..where I simply sit and stare at the computer until a good melody occurs to me"
this is really good exercise

johnfn responds:

Thanks garlagan :D :D I have been listening to your song on repeat, it's so good! ^_^

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Jun 6, 2015
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