Reviews for "Time Slows Down"

Haha yeah, I was kind of expecting a dnb song, but it ended up being chill and somewhat melancholy. Excellent work!

johnfn responds:

I do plan to write a dnb song though.


your melodies are always so good. KEEP IT UP BABY
"..where I simply sit and stare at the computer until a good melody occurs to me"
this is really good exercise

johnfn responds:

Thanks garlagan :D :D I have been listening to your song on repeat, it's so good! ^_^

This is really awesome johnfn! I like the mix, every instrument sounds clean and clear and the melodies are so fun and catchy to listen to :)
I was a bit disappointed to hear a fade out at the end, it feels like the song should be a bit longer imo.
Very nice work man, keep 'em coming :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks Mattashi! Once I read that it was better to leave your listener wanting more than to make them annoyed that the song is too long... though I don't always stick to that advice... hehe ^_^

The first time I heard this song was on the morning of my high school graduation day. This song's emotions summarized how I felt at the time. I still listen to this song several times a week because I love the melodies and synths.

johnfn responds:

Ahhhhhh, yes. You know, I actually wrote a song about graduating from college, and it had a really similar sort of melancholy vibe. Or rather, I thought it did. Turns out I sucked at writing music back then.

Might be interesting to revive it though...

This is awesome! <3

johnfn responds:

thanks man! i've been a big fan of yours for ages!

(oh haha i even mentioned that in the description :P)