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The piano version of the piece of work I'm going to expand. Hope you like it!

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I had to give this one a quickie review as I was going through the entries. Man, you've got really nice melodies and progressions going through this piece, but damn I was waiting forever for SOMETHING to really develop from the beautiful groundwork you set. This piece has a lot of potential but right now it's just... there. it's nice, but really nothing else to lead into, you know? I was really hoping for some development, even if you had just done some reverb/delay work as the piece progressed to give it a more atmospheric feel as things went on would have kept me more interested. My 2 bits. Good luck in the contest, hope to see more from you :)

HeAvEn-SmiLE responds:

Hey hello, thank you for the review!

I can't say anything but that you're right, this version is not finished and it deserves to be more developped into its themes, this actually a light version, I've wrote the different changes for the finalized version that will have a lot more content to settle the player into an atmospheric world, this version is like a "raw" version of the theme I'm working, standing more like a concept that anything, so I just used the piano to settle this all!

About the contest: I've told before that I do not really wish to partake in this, because I don't feel ready and accomplished enough to put my self into musics that belong to professional composers like most of the composers here in NG, plus I have a personal thing against contests, nothing drastic, but I just wanted to find a honnest way to show my tracks to the others, and I'm glad to see the different feedbacks!

thank you a lot for your review, it helps me a lot to improve into what I'm doing.

Your piece has beautiful chord progressions and pleasant melodic ideas. The first eleven seconds are particularly interesting in the way the piano line rises in an arpeggio and then falls in block chords.

The bulk of this piece consists of left hand arpeggios and sustained melodic tones. This lends to a airy, impressionistic atmosphere. I wish within that there would be more melodic development (like you start to touch on at 4:54). Try using more of the piano's range, and perhaps consider creating some counter-melodies. Varying the accompaniment pattern more might prove beneficial. The length of this piece would be more justifiable with more tension and release. I believe Chopin nocturnes to be a goldmine of ideas regarding melodic development.

You've got a beautiful framework down, and I'd love to hear it developed further. Looking forward to more of your music!

HeAvEn-SmiLE responds:


Wow, I didn't expect to see that, this is a truly aspiring review, I'll be honest, and sorry to disappoint you: I just learnt to play the piano by myself that year, I have no official formation, So I'm not familiar with any of the vocabulary you just used.

But, I don't want to simply say that, so I took some time to fully understand the review, and this is a really impressive, informative and joyful review you just sent me there.

This version is actually the light version of what I would like to make, the sustain melodic tones are supposed to be mostly interpreted by a lyrical female singer, and there would be a lot of FX's inspired by Flying Lotus, Fergusson, Silent Hill, and Ed Harrison (strings, Atmospheric sounds etc.)

And yes, this version isn't finalized also, I understand that I'm acting as a repetitive goof for this one, and the version I can now play is definitely better, and the next version, that will be settled in the official soundtrack will be much different.

Now, I thank you a lot for your review as I'm currently discovering some of the Chopin Nocturnes to find some inspiration, also, the words you used, how you structured your review about the music is outstandingly one of the most honnest and aesthetic review I've recieved on NG, for that my friend, I can only thank you, but I'll find a way to catch up!

Wow... this is astounding. So beautiful and relaxing. Well done! :)

HeAvEn-SmiLE responds:

Ha ha, thanks a bunch!

Fantastic, i wonder who was the asshole/s who 0 bombed this, i really love it. As a recommendation, you should try to denoise this entirely, there a few parts with a heavy white noise in the background, also,,you should boost the higher frequencies of the piano to make it brighter. A bit more of reeverb would help a lot too, nice work!!!

(PD: If you want a super chill effect, send the piano channel to 2 extra auxiliar channels, pan them 80% left and right, add a wet reeverb and chorus and delay and you will get something like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93823550/Newgrounds.mp3

HeAvEn-SmiLE responds:

Hello, Thanks a lot for the review! This means a lot for me!

Yes, about the effects, It has changed, I've handled everything to have a better sound, check Un Lion D'Andalou to hear the different imrpovisations.

Thanks a lot for that chill effect! It's awesome and I love it, thanks for the tips also.

Really beautiful. I love the piano a lot.

HeAvEn-SmiLE responds:

Thanks sports.

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