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Spoiled Coffee

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Author Comments

Small updates to the audio uploads, I see. Neat.

Anywayz, this is one of those songs of mine that will probaby get lots of 0 rates, and deserve it XD
I'm working on some larger stuff right now, and I haven't really made any cool songs to upload. I've wanted to upload this piece in some form for a while now, just for fun.

It's originally two years old (but it IS mine entirely). As I'm lazy, I just took the old MIDI file, assigned it to a ton of intruments without really mixing them (no panning at all XD). This explains the weird quality. It's almost so bad that the <a href="http://yourlisten.com/ShadowDreamer/spoiled-coffee">original</a> is better, which is saying a lot :p
I used to upload stuff to that site, at a time when I didn't want people to notice me; more of a share with your friends thing.

What is this song? Well it's a dramatic song about spilling your coffee of course! That is why it features such emotions as sadness, regret, acceptance and moving forward. (Even though I myself don't enjoy drinking that black poison [jkwtwIc]).

It all started when a friend of mine blogged about something, and made an analogy between the cup of coffee and the one chance at life you get (which I know only because I reread one of my own <a href="http://lucidshadowdreamer.blogspot.fi/2013/05/who-are-you.html">old blog posts</a>).

That would be it.

Please, disenjoy!


Spoiled coffee?! I will cry! :'( Just kidding; I don't even drink coffee. Anyway, I like the warm string sounds at the beginning. Kind of seems ominous and cheerful at the same time (not sure how you managed that). The string synth does seem to accent the beginning of each downbeat though, which bothered me a bit when you tried adding in dynamic contrast (it sounded like an Fp when you clearly didn't intend for that to be the case). I like the progression, but I think this piece lacks some more harmonizing to keep it interesting. Overall, though, solid work! Sorry I was so late in reviewing this; you know why I was. ;P

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Cool! It would seem like you're finally getting some well deserved time! :D
Yiss! Another non-coffee drinker! We shall form our own empire and rule the world one day still.

It's the weird tremolo string that makes it feel ominous, I think, while the melody and chords are, to the most part, not so ominous. I really made this in an extremely lazy manner XD Now that I have better instruments, I could easily reassign the MIDI and make a version that sounds much better :p

This is a pretty simple piece. I think it would sound much better, if the melody stood out more with perhaps a solo intrument, while just a few clean string intruments played the chords. Chordwise, this song repeats itself very little. However, in order for the emotions to really show, one would need to automate the volume dynamics much more, which I didn't even do at all XD

I don't mind a late review at all! If anything, it's very nice to get a new review on a piece that was already uploaded wuite a while ago! :D
Thanks for reviewing ;)

That's a very strange title! Ha ha ha. And no we peasants will not give you 0 rates. Only imbeciles who do this to you! Anyway, I love your use of amazing chords (I sorry perhaps you're tired of me saying this!). They are sweet and uplifting. The instrument sounds half like organ, and half like accordion. I don't know which...

I like coffee, but decaf only plz! I really wish you could develop this piece further. Maybe we should keep the strange title! :)

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for yet another flattering review XD
Well, I think the quality is indicative of my laziness when producing this. So I think this doesn't deserve the highest of scores, even if the ideas are nice :)
Nah man, I don't get tired of being flattered for something I'm actually good at! I take some pride in my ability to choose fitting chords :3

Actually, both! There is an organ, an accordion, some strings, and other weird intruments I don't even remember in this :p

This piece truly deserves to be made better. I'm sure I'll improve in the future, once I feel motivated!
Yes, the title is a given. That said, the alternative, long version of the title is: "What Once Was, Can Never be Again"

I don't like coffee either... High-five!
You know what's funny those strings you used they sometimes sound like an accordion is playing or is there an accordion playing o.o? xD
Love how simple but pretty this song is.
no 0 rates for you! :3

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, I am surprised by the positivity I got for NOT liking coffee :D *High-five*!

Hehhe, you got me. I definitely added a low quality accordion in the mix just for fun (and to reach some other frequencies).

I like simplicity sometimes too. That said, I'll probably redo this better sometime, as I like the basic concept.

You know, I am also surprised by the positivity this track received o.O Thanks a lot!!!

hey lucid :)
not bad what you have made the music sound more simple than other time but was interesting to listen
we can fell the emotion you try to give in that but furten in the song it take me a minute to really feel the emotion
the quality was not it true the original is better but still its not bad
good work for this song

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hello one again, themob2 :D

Yeah, this is much more simple than usually, but sometimes, simple is just fine :)
Many people comment on the emotion behind this song, and you people are all right; showing the emotion is what this track is all about (even though there is some humor about it).

The original actually might be better!
Thanks ;)

Whoa. This is not something I expected to hear from you! Cool.

I'm afraid I can't say much about the chord progression because I'm horribly bad at analyzing those, but to my untrained ears, it sounded really great! It felt original and emotional, and if you turned that into a full song, I'm sure people would praise its composition.

Needless to say, for now, since it's just chords and some orchestral samples, it isn't your best song. But I think the emotion in it has a lot of potential! Even if it is about coffee. Blegh. Bitter swill.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Lol, I love how this still has a rating of 5 somehow, by 3 people too XD

I try to be versatile.
I love the chord progression here. It seems so simple, yet, it uses several interesting things. A lot of the times, there are three whole notes right next to each other, even at the top where the melody is. I also used pretty much every fitting variant of progression for the chords I used, and played similar melodies while I switched the order up.

This is truly meant to be a sarcastically emotional piece. I can see how it could really affect people if produced properly. It'd just take so much work, and I'd have no idea where to start.


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4.52 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2015
9:25 AM EST
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2.7 MB
2 min 58 sec

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