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Water from the Rock


Author Comments

I was inspired by Etherealwinds Harp, and I just wanted to write a piece that implemented it.
The piano, fretless zither, and harp are all from Versilian Studios and are free.
The rhythm was first inspired by the zither.
I suggest raising the volume for this track as the mix is a bit quieter than most other pieces. Because the Harp is such a delicate instrument, and since that instrument plays the melody, the other instruments could have easily drowned it out if I didn't tone it down a little.

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Very Philip Glass.

Phonometrologist responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it's no secret that I'm a Philip Glass fanboy.

This is so unique and beautiful. The title seems to fit. While I was listening, I could picture water running over rocks in a stream. There's something about this piece that's peaceful fantasy-esque, combined with science fiction--a very interesting mesh of the two. I pictured these robots near this river in a forest around mythical creatures, the robots themselves from a place far away and unlike anything they've ever witnessed.

The harp in this is so lovely. It takes a composer with a great ear to arrange it so it's not drowned out by the other instruments. Everything comes together so brilliantly well.

Phonometrologist responds:

All I could say is that I'm glad you think so. My joy in writing any music is to pass on my therapeutic dreams to another. I like your description. "Unlike anything they've ever witnessed," --something I long for

Really like this one! The great mix of instruments gives this piece a really nice chilling atmosphere. Everything really flows together and you can really imagine the water flowing out of a giant rock with maybe a lot of rainforest around it. I can hear the Philip Glass inspiration you write ;) From the instrumentation it reminds a bit of some pieces from his "Aguas da Amazonia", which is actually one of my favourites from him.

Phonometrologist responds:

Ah cool! I appreciate the sentiments as it is all reassuring. I do see the comparisons as well. It's funny because I hear in your last piece's rhythm and progression as Philip Glassesque at moments as well. I'm glad you enjoyed this one

This made me feel like I was being carried by wind across a field on a gorgeous day. Lovely.

Phonometrologist responds:

Nice imagery and I can certainly see how this could invoke that. If I took your word wind even further as an example of poetic symbolism as it often is in literature, I then would say you're even more accurate in describing it.
Thanks for taking the time to listen.
time is short and fleeting

So, this is nice. I like the fact that you used Versilian Studios instruments, as I coincidentally just downloaded a bunch of them. Despite being free, I like the sound of many of them.

Interesting name you chose for this piece. Just listening to this, I would put it under cinematic and not under classical. It reminds me of many great background tracks in movies. That said, I understand why you put classical as the genre; in the end, it's not that important.
You've got a really clean sound going. The instruments are well balanced, and do not clash with one another.

Even without it being in the name, I would've thought of water while hearing this. Man, your use of the different instruments is impressive. Like the piano that in several parts is constrantly moving up and down in scales very softly in the distant background (I seem to be hearing it more in my right ear, but in a good way, not off balance). The occasional bass notes/ lower keys played are good too. The harp is playing very interesting melodies, which seem to be a bit dreamish, like it doesn't really know exactly where to go, but finds pleasant notes notes nonetheless. The effect might be caused by the fact that it doesn't always play the notes as stricly in rhythm as the bass and what I assume is the zither (at least in the beginning, as similar patterns are later played by what seems like an electronic bass sound of some kind, perhaps along with the zither, but I can barely hear it in that case) does in the background. Either way, great dynamic balancing.
Oh, and the flute is nice too.

The mood of the song is mostly positive to me, but I feel that it's in the way of something great waiting to happen. As many pieces, there could clearly be a story told with this as background music. Some things stay constant, like the rhythm and some of the instruments, while other things change. Now and then, there are (maybe not darker) different moods, which is clear from the first seconds of the piece already. I'm actually not entirely sure what mood I'm feeling the most though. The only thing I get in my head is some kind of "light in the darkness" feel. That is, this is the track I'd use if I were to show the growth of the first tree in an earlier very desert-like area. I also imagine a waterfall. Maybe it's the waterfall which is born from a "had been" dried river, which in turn makes it possible for life to grow on the place once again?
I don't know; that's just the image I get into my head for some reason :p

Anyway. A great piece; favorited.

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm not even sure where to begin in replying. Reviews like these are always significant to get for the encouragement to revel in one's thoughts as a music lover. A perspective like this from a listener is quite insightful for any composer because the composer knows what it took to get to the finished product and is too familiar in a way to be able to experience something for the first time as a listener would. And that is perhaps why it can be difficult to accurately describe a piece by its title. Though, because I gave its title before I finished the parts and arrangement, perhaps that dictated in a subconscious way to find water-like synths, and a free flowing harp over a more defined rhythm. The chord progression also is quite free as I didn't really box it in a set time-signature to tell me when to change chords. But that doesn't matter so much. I will say that your description is quite accurate in terms of the instrumentation.
Your last paragraph is something I like to see and give in any analysis of music. Not just the how, but the why we see and feel based on the vibrations that we perceive to be music. And just because I composed it does NOT make me anymore of an authority to dictate the reason to another. If we could project these kinds of moods and images to each individual merely using words, then why compose music? And how is it that the experience of one listener can be so different and similar to another? I think it depends on where the life and set of ears is listening from. Before I stray away too much from analyzing music and into the physiological aspect, I'll just say that we project vibrations to another because it is in each and every atom that vibrates within us. What crazy thing it is that us Humans can create such a thing--music-- a language heard and understood by any.
The light in the darkness, the growing of the first tree within a desert, and the waterfall from a dried-up river are all great analogies. I don't merely see these as descriptions of nature, but of individuals. It is the picture of what happens inside of us.
“Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." Isaiah 55:1
"but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:14
Thank you. Your review shows that you were able to handle this quite well. Even better than I might have.

Credits & Info

4.61 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2015
11:03 PM EST
File Info
8.1 MB
3 min 33 sec

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