Gather The Clans

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Here's my submission for Round 1 of NGADM 2014.

Visual Motifs and Context :
There's a scene imagined behind the track. Surely, the following is purely optional and just "For funsies".

Think of a fantasy universe. Lord of The Rings meets Chronicles of Narnia.

The song works as the musical backdrop to an imaginary montage in which different clans and factions (humans, elves and all sorts of mythological creatures) within a kingdom are summoned by the king's right hand, to unite against an impending enemy force.

The montage starts off by presenting the more nimble and pure factions, in more serene landscapes (Dramatic pans of mountain landscapes and woodland), and progressively transitions towards the darker and more majestic clans.

The song culminates with an aerial shot of the resulting army, as two horsemen holding torches gallop from each side towards the center, lighting up fire trails for the lines of archers.

Tacky, right? Hah.

Hope you enjoy!

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Cinematic indeed! Instruments are used well, and the track as a whole is overall epic. Though I'd have to agree with some of the other reviewers that there's a certain lack of UMPH to make it seem like you're there hearing the orchestration live.

Y'know I actually could imagine a LotR and Narnia kind of thing while listening. Some of what I put together tells a story to me either during the creation process or afterwards, so I can relate there!

LunyAlex responds:

Appreciate it! I do need to play a lot with the stereo field , reverbs, etc. Thanks for the input! Dully noted!

Strangely after 1:43 it remind me of The Lone Ranger a lot. It really has this almost western feel coupled with sci-fi. Not sure why. You were probably going for something else, but that's what I see. The mix is superb, everything sounds so clear but then again that's Spitfire and La Strings for you, amongst other high quality sample libraries.

This is a NGADM round 1 review!
The standard set by group E is simply astounding, one of my favourite groups in this round!
Mix: 8
In my mind, an 8 means that the mix was perfectly acceptable, it just lacked the special something that would push it to be incredible. Your mix is like that, very good indeed. It's clear and you make good use of dynamics. Your sounds blend well together too.
What you missed is the depth of the sound. It feels like your instruments are playing from speakers in a room rather than putting me in the room with the orchestra in person. This could be fixed by reworking how you used reverb in this piece, I think the one you used is too thin (not enough low mids/bass) or maybe you EQed them in a way that removed the "muddy" frequencies but took it too far. Listen to your percussion for example, it's like they're only lightly tapping the surface rather than beating the war drum. The reverb doesn't have to be louder, be careful, it just needs to fulfill a slightly different role to what it has rigt now.
It's a shame but it's not such a big deal in the end, maybe something you can work on for next time.
Composition: 9
This is definitely an interesting piece. Where you lost a point is in the realisim. To me this piece didn't feel "real" and I can't explain why, completely, but I can say it may be because you used so much spiccato that it starts to sound mechanical. Besides that, you did a fantastic job. The music is really interesting and varied and it definitely tells the story that you described below it. I guess the expression is to "paint a picture", which you accomplished very well thanks to the different themes that come and go throughout.
Excellent work!!!

LunyAlex responds:

Thank you very much for your review! The detailed feedback is extremely appreciated. The points on reverb, eq and realism will prove very useful!

Thanks again!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


First off, this is, in my opinion, one of the best orchestral/cinematic submissions of this round, because not only is it well-produced and expressive like a lot of other orchestral tracks this round, but it's also highly melodic and memorable. Composition-wise, I have very little issues. The chords are lovely, your melody is excellent and your progression is spot on. What I would consider to be my favourite part of this track would certainly have to be 0:44. It's the kind of section that does wonders to showcase the melody in its purest form, and the fact that it's a break from all the exciting percussive sections is very much welcomed. You also have great samples which you use very well, especially in sections like the intro where the warmth of those strings can really shine.

On the subject of mixing, I'll start by saying that you've pretty much nailed reverberation and levelling. What's supposed to be in the background is mostly in the background and anything that's supposed to be upfront can easily be heard. Having said that, I feel like the mix does get a bit cluttered and stressed during the climactic sections with the heavy percussion. It sounds like you've compressed those sections like you would an electronic track, and in fact the waveform in those sections (particularly the ending section) are almost bricked. I also feel like the dynamic changes could've been more gradual. The track seemingly jumps from one dynamic to another. For example, it opens up too suddenly at 0:32 and the buildup to the 0:58 section was too weak. 2:49 is the only dynamic change which is somewhat properly approached. Making the listener anticipate a dynamic change like that with a proper approach will give it a lot more meaning then just arbitrarily changing from soft to loud or what have you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this track. Great work!

SCORE: 8.8/10

LunyAlex responds:

Thank you very much for the in-depth review and detailed feedback! Every point has been dully noted!
Definitely need to pay closer attention to compression levels and transitions.

Thank you again!

I'm gonna be that dude that posts a relatively negative review. :)

The track is cool, but it feels too aimless/random to me. I think it feels somewhat motionless because of the lack of clear progression. I also started getting tired of that cello spiccato. (I love the hammered string parts, btw.)

The mixing sounds strange to me. Perhaps the EQ?

LunyAlex responds:

Those least impressed usually do the best job of outlining what could have been better.
So thank you for the review! I'll definitely take note of what you've pointed out.

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