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Sadly this one doesn't really have any visual story behind it.

...Nah, just kidding, of course it does:

*Think Medieval Fantasy Land
*Think Farms and Woodland and Lakes and Mountains in the Distance

Like with most of my songs, visually, I pictured this as a montage.

In this case the early life of a farmer boy, from birth (0:00 - 0:33) to first learning how to saddle, mount and ride a horse from his father (0:33 - 1:05) to him starting to get fairly good at it in the following years (1:05 - 1:21).

1:21 cuts to a pan of a well lit green hill. Snowy Mountains in the background.
1:30 from behind said hill appears farmer boy, all grown up, riding his steed among a herd of wild horses. Large panoramic shots. Pretty lighting. The works.

In the vein of all that I tried to give the percussion an overall "Galloping" feel.

Hope you enjoy it!


Sadly the Downloads are disabled as a restriction imposed by another distribution platform.

I'm working on seeing if I can provide a free alternate version for non-commercial use. Anyone interested in that should PM me and I'll get back to them the instant I have something.


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Does the farmer boy have a maiden most fair with him?
I love this song! It sounds so happy, with the same beautiful arrangements you are good for.

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks again for the kind words and once again sorry for reply so late to these!

Appreciate it!

The sections fill a bit too discrete. Suddenly we're lone piano. Suddenly beat. Suddenly epic. Suddenly end. It made it hard for me to stay immersed in the piece.

No complaint about the sections themselves. Fantastic stuff. The most intense section- that was sweeet.

And that piano tho. The variation in tone from note to note was nice. And then the use of higher notes later on- yessir.

LunyAlex responds:

Structure and transitions, still my biggest flaws :3

Really appreciate the feedback, as always, and I'm glad you liked the...let's call it... core material.

Thank you!

I really enjoy this one but it pisses me off that you ended it so abruptly. Perhaps it was because it's meant for more commercial purposes. But I love the intro's setting mood, piano, rhythm, and inspiring chord progression. nice arrangement-- fun to listen to. Perhaps you could write something for the N.I.M. and elaborate a bit more than just 2 minutes.

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot! I kind of stopped the song because I didn't feel like I could continue with anything powerful enough compared to that crescendo part. Which is a pretty weak argument, haha.

I'll definitely try my hand in the N.I.M.!

Thanks again!

This is great :D
The story and the song go very well together. There are many emotions mixed into this, which is always something that I like. While mostly positive, one can hear the struggle and the effort etc.
The short break and the part after 1:30 are wonderful.
The compositional and productional aspects are all good too!
The ending is the only thing that feels a bit abrupt, but it's not bad.

Awesome job! ;)

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot! Very glad you liked it.

And I'm also glad you picked up the nuances in there.


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May 14, 2015
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