Who Killed The World?

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Here's my NGADM 2015 Round 1 Submission.

An orchestral piece with metal guitars and a synth thrown in for good measure.

Mad Max: Fury Road was my inspiration for this. I hope it shows, because Damn did I love that movie!

Hope you like it and good luck to the other contestants!

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You know what be cool you can add that space ship start up into from the dub version it would be cool

Oh. My. God.

This is so epic and amazing! I first heard about you from Xtrullor via his Hidden Daggers Remix. This has really lived up to the picture of awesomeness Hidden Daggers built in my mind. Stay awesome. You'll get discovered.

LunyAlex responds:

Cheers man! Really appreciate it!

Woaaaahhh. This is absolutely epic, really paints the image in my head of a massive and powerful monster that comes out of nowhere and takes everyone off guard. Kudos man! Only thing I could say in terms of criticism was I thought the VERY beginning was a little soft in comparison to the rest of the composition, cause I turned up my volume to match it before getting my ears blasted in the next few seconds xD Not a huge issue though, really enjoyed your work man :)

This is an NGADM 2015 review.

I remember being damn impressed at your intro during judging. It's just so massive and well mixed. Coming from listening to some two steps from hell recently, I can really say that there isn't much better than well mixed orchestral percussion. It's a thing of beauty i tell ya.

This particular aspect of mixing gets a bit muddy when you introduce your rock percussion though, in my opinion. The snare and kick are so thin and lacking in impact compared to the previous orchestral percussion that it quite detracts from the furious and intense nature of the song. Most of the issue is that the kick and snare are too quiet. At the very least, they're nice and bright, so they're still audible. Just not very strong.

The composition and arrangement of the song is pretty great. You're using some simple stuff in most of it but they're tricks that work extremely well. The decision to include guitar is excellent for the kind of mood/theme you're going for. Not sure about the leaving synth pluck around 1:05 alone, though - it sounds good, but I think you'd have done well to lower the filter envelope on it, it's just a bit resonancey for the rest of the song... but honestly that's my opinion :P there's nothing inherently offensive about it.

Anyway, this one is an epic - it's awesome. I think there are some minor mixing issues that weaken the song in the second half, but it doesn't detract from it too much. Good stuff.

I like the drama at the beginning. The strings at :26 also help enhance that drama. The piece progresses a little slowly, though. Once you do add more moving notes at :52, I think they could’ve come through the mix a bit more distinctly. The transition at 1:06 was abrupt, yet effective, and also helped to provide some structural relief. I love the dark, cinematic mood of the piece. I think you need some smoother transitions later in the piece; 1:54 and 2:02 come to mind. I love the sense of climax you’ve created here though. The ending was perhaps a bit rushed, yet again that contributed to the mood. I can imagine a story that really comes to life because of this piece. I love tracks that put images in my head! The production quality is pretty high, and I liked the samples you chose. Overall, this is a pretty strong piece. Nice work! Hope this review helped. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

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Aug 17, 2015
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