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Just a short and simple Electronic loop. A fun track that would work well in some kind of fast-paced game or movie/animation sequence. Zoom~!

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Ah geez, this is too good! So simplistic, yet so energetic! The mastering is excellent, and everything just kinda "clicks" together. Teach me your secrets >A<

ChronoNomad responds:

Do I have secrets? Hmmm... I guess if I do, it's to just make music for yourself. Other people will vacillate between loving and hating the music you make, so trying to please the general public is simply an act of futility. I also love to make a wide variety of music across numerous genres because, well...why limit oneself? So I guess the secret would be more of a philosophical one: be true to yourself.

All that aside, I really appreciate the slew of reviews you're giving me! I'll be responding to each one in turn as I am able. Thanks for being so awesome. :)

interesting tune! i like that synth melody, great job n__n
- Pandasticality

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you, Pandasticality! I'm glad that you enjoy it. I love music that's fun and energetic. ^__^

Heyyyy lol. The song is epic! I have nothing of my own to say except that I agree with johnfn. I will still give it 5 stars! :D

ChronoNomad responds:

Awesome sauce! Thanks a lot for that, Sonic. Great to know you enjoy the loop, bro! :D

Some time synced comments:

0:00: Dat sytrus.
0:08: Hey that beat sounds good to me, though have you considered sidechaining more stuff to it?
0:16: Now I can officially say dat sytrus.
0:24: I like the bassline melody, but it could be mixed a little better, try using eq to cut the lows out of non bassy instruments.
0:28: Clap is kinda dry...
0:28 Also that instrument sounds kinda off-tune.
0:44 I like the pitch bends, though couldn't the instrument have a little more legato?

I like it but it feels underdeveloped, like it could use a pad. Plus, if you really want to go for that "super speedy" feel you should add some rapid hihats, make the clap bigger and give a little more emphasis to the beat in general. Those two things would make the song better I think.

Also I listened to "Pendragon Legacy" and I thought it was pretty good! Epic medieval/celtic feel :D

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for the time-synced feedback, John! A very cool idea, so I'm totally going to respond in the same way:

0:00 - Aw, yeah!
0:08 - Okay, so...funny story. This whole track started out as my first sidechaining experience. It was only going to be an experiment, but I ended up digging it enough to turn it into a quick and dirty loop. I did consider sidechaining the clap, but it was kind of an afterthought. I used Gross Beat for the sidechain, but it's only the demo version.
0:16 - What can I say? I love me some Sytrus.
0:24 - Something to consider in the future. Since I used a demo plug-in, further fine-tuning is no longer an option. It is what it is.
0:28 - Again, clap was basically an afterthought, but yes...it is a bit on the dry side.
0:28 - It sounds cool to me, but I dig the squelchy sound of this particular Acid arp. Subjectivity in spades, no doubt.
0:44 - I actually worked with incorporating more legato in this part, but nothing sounded as good to me as the short notes! Go figure. I'd be curious to know what you would have done with it. :)

Yes, it's definitely underdeveloped. The main concept was basically conceived and arranged (with lots of additional time wasted while futzing around and generally having fun) in maybe an hour or so. It could have been more fleshed out, but life has taken a wonderfully unexpected turn and I have other, more important (!!!) things taking up vital real estate within my mind. Considered using some fizzy hi hats, but I almost went with kick alone on the percussive side. Your ideas are sound and generally awesome, but this one's set in stone...at least for now. Regardless, your feedback is phenomenal and thorough, not to mention highly appreciated.

Hey, I'm happy to hear that you enjoy "Pendragon Legacy!" That one ended up on the back burner for a long time, so it feels great to have it finished and submitted. That epic medieval/Celtic feel is 100% what I was going for, so that's fantastic to hear! ^__^

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May 29, 2014
10:35 AM EDT
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