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Voice Demo 2014

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Yes, I know two minutes is too long for a demo.

My biggest regret is that my voice demo is nowhere near worthy of the fucking awesome songs I'm about to spend like the next thirty minutes crediting. None of them got proper spotlight here. None of them. They all deserve more.

Here are their timestamps:

0:00 "Colorblind Master" by keicho
0:14 "The Southern Life" by matt22221
0:21 "Cute March" by spoonybrad
0:27 "Pirate Introduction" by AshleyAlyse
0:31 "Spain" by MrX89
0:37 "BladeWing Destiny" by AngelofPeace
0:43 "Parasite Mind" by EasyEvil
0:49 "Cinemotional - Young Love" by DesideratumOfficial
0:55 "Fire's Brilliance" by AshleyAlyse
1:00 "Phoenix: Rise from Ash" by Braiton
1:04 "Penumbra's Fate" by AshleyAlyse
1:09 "Tiny Impromptu" by bluelephan2
1:16 "Requim for a Redneck" by cr0m
1:19 "Space Journey" by Nanashi
1:25 "Raven" by Lublub194
1:42 "Colorblind Master" by keicho

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There is a very soothing gruffness to your voice. It sounds fantastic, and seems to be a key focal point in the voices you do. Keep at it, and I could easily see your name in the credits of a renowned project.

Gianni responds:

This is normally the part where I'd say "RENOWNED!? I CAN ONLY DAYDREAM OF BEING IN SOMETHING RENOWNED!" but I guess now that'd be an insult to some of the awesome projects with large followings I have been lucky enough to be a part of, like Death Battle or Bear and Bunny Boo 2. Thanks a bunch for the compliments, and I meant what I said, keep going! I think you definitely have a lot of potential!

Hahahahaha, this is incredible! Seriously, your voice is spectacular! Very versatile! I can definitely picture you hosting a dj talk show!

Gianni responds:

Only if they let me play your fucking rad music, dude.

Your range is quite impressive!
Thanks for notifying me that you used my music. I love seeing what people do with my stuff.

Gianni responds:

Song was so fucking epic. My project was delayed because I had to just sit there and listen to your music. Thanks for checking out the demo!

Sir Undead You have done a good job. Your epic boom voice as I am calling it makes me want to work on my low end. I try the cute stuff to. Not my strong suit and I liked your cleaned up voice where you said "and not getting shot in the gut" is that closer to your normal voice. Its funny in my reels I almost never use my normal voice. . Good job and that epic boom voice is my favorite.

Gianni responds:

Don't applaud me, you talented son of a bitch. Go get famous before I start slaughtering animators.

Wow so much variety
Definitely gonna put you to work after hearing all of these voices! Hope you're ready for it!

Gianni responds: