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...Is This Thing On?

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Author Comments

Alright, here are some notes about this.

First of all, yes this has been re-uploaded, but there were some tweaks I wanted to make to it.

The lines around "Why have I been summoned?" are actually taken from mrbipolar, he didn't write them but he voiced them in a project which never quite happened, but uploaded them here. I listened to it and loved it so much that I wanted to try it myself, I think his version is better though so you should go check him out, he's a pretty cool guy.

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/407343

Phase 9 is an actual anime I'm going to be a part of, I can't link you to any awesome episodes yet because I haven't been put it any yet, HAHAH.

At the end there's my little imitation of the classic Joker laugh. It actually kinda ended up recorded on accident but I liked the way it sounds so I threw it in. It has no GOOD reason to be there.

Everything was recorded with this awesome thing called the Blue Yeti USB microphone.

If you want me to be a part of a project, let me know!

As always, thanks for listening, and take care!


I respect the depth that you're voice has. . . You could do a wicked Duke Nukem, and at moments, I thought I was listening to Steve Blum's voice demos. Nice work.


Question if your really voice like that?Anyways awesome voice acting.

Gianni responds:

I think your question was "is your voice really like that", and by that question, I think you're asking if I used special effects or anything in this. To answer your question, that's just my voice with no special effects or anything.

Thank you very much! Glad you like it!

With Strange Eons...

"That is not dead, which can eternal lie... and with Strange Eons... even death may die." ~Nox Arcana- The Awakening. A favorite of mine.

Gianni responds:

Good to know where it came from! I loved the line, like I said in the description I basically just stole it from mrbipolar's upload, and he said he got the line from some project he was involved with. You should go check his out because he does it way better.

Thanks for the review!

Steve Blum with a twist

Wow! I agree that you definately sound like Steve Blum in some of your samples. Anyone doing a Cowboy Bebop (or x-men - Wolverine) flash they should TOTALLY use you!!!! I also like how you can change up your voice. I try, but it's blatently obvious that it's the same voice. Very versatile.

How do you come up with your sample script to do this? I was thinking of posting myself, but I'm a novice and not sure how to determine the best voice sampling.

Gianni responds:

Vocal range isn't really something I've quite mastered, don't give me too many points on that. A lot of the folks have ridiculous vocal range in the sense that not only can they sound like drastically different characters, but they can also sound like SLIGHTLY different characters, and still not sound like the same person voicing it. If that makes sense.

As far as script goes, well, some lines are taken or inspired by audition lines I've had, but most I just kinda wrote off the top of my head. Don't worry too much about the script though, it's my understanding that most VAs just make up cheesy lines to demonstrate their voice. Really just, depending on what type of voice you're doing, think of generic things that kind of voice would say.

Heroic voice: "No! I won't let you get away with this! Your vile plan has come far enough!"
Evil voice: "Hah, what a foolish waste of time you've been for me. You stopped being entertaining long ago... It's time for me to end you."

Not those lines specifically, but you get the idea. Don't feel a pressure to be some sort of creative genius with the writing, demos barely matter anyway.

Thank you so much for your compliment! It's an honor to have so many people relate me to such a legendary voice actor, I know I'm not quite in his league yet but even the concept of it is enough to warm my day.

I'll be looking forward to hearing your audio piece when it's finally up!


I really enjoy the depth of your voice, a deep trembling slightly raspy (of course Spike from Cowboy Bebop [Steven Blum] comes to mind) that has a nice clarity to it.

I'm got really excited when I saw that you were using that Mic, I did some research and picked on up myself a while back but have been sick and have had no use for it yet. what kind of recording program do you use?

Gianni responds:

I use Audacity, there's probably a better way to do things, but this has worked well for me so far. The thing I'll tell you about the Yeti (or any microphone I guess) is that you'll have to toy with the gain dial on the microphone, the input volume within Audacity, and your actual distance from the mic in order to get the sound just right without causing audio distortion, or inexplicably muffled lines.

By Audacity I mean the beta for 1.3. The other one was crashing on me all the time, but the beta works great.

One tip I'll give you with Audacity, which confused the hell out of me, is that the input volume, when you slide the little slider thing, it won't save unless you're recording WHILE you slide it. You'll slide it, then when you hit record it'll go right back to where it was.

I also use Noise Removal, and often Amplify on lines which were just too quiet. I use Normalize too sometimes, but Normalize is just going to take your volume down. Taking the volume down is really only useful for me if I go too far with the Amplify feature, because if a recording was "too loud", often that means that I had audio distortion as well, and I just have to fiddle with the input volume and record again. The audio distortion crap you get on loud shouting lines, or as most folks call it, "audio clipping", can't really be fixed easily to my understanding, so it's best just to record the line again.

You probably already know all this stuff, but if you're like me, you did a little bit of reading on the topic of voice acting, then you said to yourself "Well fuck it, screw manuals!", and then just jumped into it head first. These few little tips I figured out on my own by playing with buttons, so I figured I'd share them. I have no idea what I'm doing though, so it could be totally the wrong way to do things.

Thank you very much for the compliment! I keep getting related to Steve Blum, which for me is awesome because I could listen to that guy talk all day. I look forward to hearing work from you!

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2011
8:20 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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