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Chant de l'Eveil

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This cover was inspired by Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Link's Awakening DX, which ended quite recently. In this cover, I did my best to replicate the Instruments of the Sirens with the instruments I have. I've done my best. Hope you all enjoy it!

Note that this take on the Ballad of the Wind Fish is from the point of view of the Wind Fish.

Sequenced on FL Studio 10.
Bodhran and vocals recorded by yours truly.
French lyrics and translations penned by yours truly.


Used in this project:
Akai-Steinway III soundfont, by Denis.

Tubular Bells by Sonido media.



Je sommeille, je sommeille dans cet espace
Je sommeille, je sommeille sans arret
Le temps arrive de fermer ce livre de reves
Et en ouvrir un autre

Et au fond de ce reve se trouve un monde
Une ile, isolee par le temps
Quand tu t'es eveille, le pendule s'est arrete
Te renfermer dans le reve...

Je sommeille, je sommeille dans cet espace
Et pourtant, je sommeille en espoir
De voir ta face, d'entendre ces melodies
Qui ravissent le coeur avec leur douceur !

Et je prie constamment dans ce reve
A travers une voix que tu aimes
Vas-tu abandonner tous ceux qui t'ont garde dans leurs coeurs
Pour exaucer mes prieres ?

Viens, o Heros du Temps et libere-moi...!!

Je suis enfin liberee
Il n'y a qu'a recommencer
Sur la voix vers ceux que tu aimes vraiment
Ils t'attendent,
Ils t'attendent,
Ils t'attendent...



I sleep, I sleep within this space
I sleep, I sleep without ceasing
The time has come to close this book of dreams
And to open another

And deep within this dream is a world
An island, isolated by time
When you awoke, the pendulum stopped
Enclosing you in the dream...

I sleep, I sleep within this space
And yet, I sleep in hope
Of seeing your face, of hearing these melodies
That gladden the heart with their sweetness!

And I constantly pray in this dream
Through a voice that you love
Will you give up all those who held you in their hearts
To satisfy my prayers?

Come, O Hero of Time and free me...!!

I am finally free
All that's left is to start again
On the path to those whom you truly love
They're waiting for you,
They're waiting for you,
They're waiting for you...

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I'm posting a few comments on some of the NGADM auditions that particularly stuck out to me, and this is one of them!

Felt the need to drop by and let you know that I think that both your singing and mixing/recording thereof have improved tenfold since my last encounter with your music. This is the first thing that stuck out to me when hearing this track while sifting through the 200 auditions! On the one hand, it's not perfect. Things like 1:12's clipping on that high note, and some lack of clarity at 2:38 with all those vocal harmonies, indicate that there is still room for improvement. On the other hand, former problems I had with your singing (bad recording/mixing quality, iffy higher register) have all but disappeared! The singing in this is mixed tastefully and sounds crisp, and your higher notes sound absolutely wonderful now, complementing your strong lower register, instead of falling behind it.

Of course, the other things that you've usually nailed in your music have once again been nailed right on the head. The composition is beautiful, both in melody and harmony. I especially love how subtly you introduced the other instruments with the prolonged note on "autre", and how the song effortlessly transports itself from one mood to another, from a solemn, solitary and intimate mood to a truly uplifting turnaround at 1:44. Oh, not to mention the divine atmospheres you've created at the very beginning and at the very end!

I feel like the main things holding you back are your instrument samples and mixing/levelling. My advice for the contest is for you to hold on to your signature weapon - your command over real instruments (primarily your voice). They elevate the expression of your music in a way that mere soundfonts unfortunately can't do. In any case, no matter how far you make it in this contest, let me just say I think you've already come an insanely long way since the first track I've heard from you (Propter Te). Best of luck in Round 1!

Link's Awakening is my favorite followed only by Majora's mask and the recent A Link between Worlds. That being said, I feel like you've captured the feeling of both the hope, courage and despair in that that theme really carries both musically and lyrically. It really did have one of the most depressing endings of any Zelda game.

Troisnyx responds:

I'll say (for the ending). Watching it made me feel as though my heart was being wrenched! By the time I did this version, Chuggaaconroy was about to tackle the final boss in the Wind Fish's Egg, so I doubt this cover actually did get to his attention -- but no matter. Because I learned of a beautiful story, I wanted to put it into song, and here it is.

Thanks for listening though -- glad you liked it. ^_^

Is it you singing? if so you're splendid. Found myself drifting into a special place as the song went on, seemed as though the song went through 3 phases, the beginning being a state of loss and uncertainty, the middle being joy and the ending acting as some form of acceptance and relief. Put a smile on my face when it kicked into the second phase around 1:50

Troisnyx responds:

Yes, that is my voice. ^_^ It's uncanny how you described the beginning as uncertainty, the middle as joy and the end as acceptance -- the lyrics kinda suggest that, and it's only because you told me that I noticed.

Thanks for listening, as always. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wonderful, just simply wonderful... *wipes tears*

Troisnyx, you have praised us with your graceful music.
I will follow you to the quest of time!


Troisnyx responds:

Eh, I'm just glad I could share it with you. <3 Thanks for listening and standing by me!

i like it it's great it is the first song that i like a lot

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers, thanks for listening! ^_^

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