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The Drummer's Prayer


Author Comments

This track is part of the Select Adventure charity album by GameGrooves; as I'm aware, all proceeds are in aid of BIPOC facilitators at Pixelles and their programmes. If you'd like to support the album or stream it on Bandcamp, you can do so here:


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Troisnyx writing.

I actually intended this as my Day 10 Lenten prompt, but never got to finish it — and that list worked as such: once a prompt was done or replaced for whatever reason with a bonus prompt, I was to move on. I could not dig it up and do it on a later date, not until the whole cycle was over.

On the night of 1 March 2021, I wrote the piece, played the piano parts with a marked rhythm, and then sequenced the other parts by recording them on the keyboard. Then, I beat the bodhrán with as much passion as I could muster. The piece was originally called night-time offering, as it was literally just that: a sort of ejaculatory prayer to God that seemed to manifest itself in a sort of desperation to pound the drum for him.

But the neighbours weren't having it — and so I couldn't finish it on the day. It was never released as part of that Lenten Challenge collection, and it was shelved.


When GameGrooves announced their BIPOC Charity Album in aid of Pixelles, my eyes lit up. Those of us taking part in the project were meant to write a character theme -- an original -- as if it applied to ourselves. We were all heartily encouraged to borrow references from our own cultures, or the cultures to which we had been exposed, for the purposes of composition. For me, it was pretty obvious what song of my own would represent me the most. The time had finally come for me to revisit this song. By this point it took on the title that it currently has, The Drummer's Prayer.

Those of you who know me well by this point know that I am a cultural vagabond, having struggled to find a sense of belonging anywhere I go. I've borrowed many, many cultural influences over the last decade and a bit, trying to understand them, and trying to inform my own sound with them.

Sequencing and arrangement of the keyboard parts took me a single night. Recording vocals took longer, and it took me three separate sessions to get the drums right (two of which saw me desperately trying to build up stamina for the solo section, which I'd only learnt under two weeks of recording it). I also recorded a bodhrán and two tambourines. The continued ringing of the tambourines towards the end is intended to be my allegory for altar bells -- the thing intended to make a joyful and solemn noise.


The song is meant to depict an intense prayer early at night-time, not long after the sun sinks beneath the horizon. Dim lights and candles (and, in some cases, incense) could perhaps set the tone.

The initial piano calls are, to me, a sign of twilight giving way to night, signalling that it is time to begin the fervent music. The piece is ultimately a heartfelt offering by a drummer to her Maker. The other instruments and voices, placed around her, blend in harmony with her voice and her drums, intensifying in passion, before then toning down, giving her the space to pound the beat with every ounce of strength within her. When the drums intensify, the voices feel like they can intensify as well. The entire song is intended to be intimate and deeply felt by the musicians and members of the audience (or congregation) to which this is played.

It is my dream to perform this piece live -- and in the kind of setting where lots of people will hear it.



Troisnyx: Composition, vocals, keyboards and sequencing, drums and percussion

Jason Beardsworth: Bass guitar

Greg Slater: Acoustic guitar

@LD-W: Additional production, particularly mid/side work

With special thanks to Collide/Rez, Fogheart, Lob, cecilnick, ColinVAudio, Rahul Vamamali, and Bit by Bit Sound for the mixing and production feedback. There may have been others that I've forgotten, and I want to acknowledge you all as well.

Also special thanks to Soundskills for providing the space for my friends and myself to record a substantial portion of this track.




the sun is gone,

the night is here at last.

All my thoughts are gone,

but I am here at last.


tonight is yours,

this heart is yours,

this song is yours.


Wake! O heart of stone,

for I can feel him near!

Wake! O melody

that all the world will hear!


tonight is yours,

this heart is yours,

this song is yours.



Stand by and watch me,

stars above me,

trees around me,

wind beneath me!

Stand by and watch me,

hearts around me,

hearts from far away

beating with me!



the night is dark,

but I can feel you near.

My eyes can't see your face,

but I still know you're here.

Take my beating heart,

my beating drum,

for I am yours!

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This is just so darn lovely. Beautiful instrumentation, knocked it out of the park with the vocals. Masterstroke.

Troisnyx responds:

That is immensely high praise. :O Thank you for your kindness.

My heart changed its pace with the song. Brilliant song.

This should have much more views, this is so emotional and epic :)

oh my GAWD o.o; this belongs in an award winning movie or something. The beauty and quality is jaw dropping! I'm speechless.

I really got taken in by the sense of space and atmosphere in the beginning. I can see why you wrote this the way you did; the way it plays seems to me like it projects a sense of something bigger than one’s self. As it progresses I picture a night in a grassy field looking up at the sky and seeing stars with a sense of something mystical.

The drum part that kicks in almost four minutes in feels really tribal and raw. It’s a weird pull, but it kind of reminds me of the dancing scene from Matrix: Reloaded when they’re in Zion.

Anyway, well done to all of you. :)

Credits & Info


4.41 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2021
3:00 PM EDT
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5 min 1 sec
  • Sytrus
  • Flex
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • FL Studio 20
  • Logic Pro X
  • Squier Precision Bass
  • SM58
  • Scarlett 2i2
Misc. Kit
  • Samson R21S
  • Pearl Forum Drums
  • AKG D112

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