Damn Those Furries

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Wow getting quite a few zero bombs
[Edit] Ha got even more for mention the forbidden words., oh well, reviews are all that matter.

I thought you were my friend,
I thought that you and I were the same.
When we watched Planet Earth,
I had no idea what was going on in your brain.
And I think I know why.
Is it because you never had pets as a child?
Did they make you feel shy?
Did they make you want to get a little wild?
You're a fucking furry and,
there's nothing more I want to say to you.
You participate in yiffing and,
All that I can say to that is, "ew."
Will I ever get my old friend back?
Will you ever stop fantasizing about a fox's ball sack?
I asked you the reason why?
And all you said was, "dude, you should give it a try."
And so I did,
And what do you know?
It wasn't so bad,
After all!
It's all about living out,
A fun fantasy.
It doesn't have to be,
Chasing after that animal pussy!
Just like the Trekkies,
Or people who dress up at Comicon,
Some wish they were those characters,
Others just do it for fun!
It's okay to fantasize,
It's okay to anthropomorphize,
Let them give furry hugs,
What's wrong with a Panda who has some nice jugs?
It's so easy to forget,
That people have a great time doing this shit.
They have fursonas (it's like personas but with fur in it),
Furry communities,
Some people are new to these.
A fair share of furries do it,
for sexual attraction,
But who's to say,
They shouldn't participating in some furry action?
We all have that sexual fetish,
For when all else fails.
Some just need boobs,
But some need boobs and tails.
Furries ain't in no hurry,
To appease anybody who done hate their ways.
If you're hatin' on them furries,
An' tryin' ta make 'em worry,
Then I bet ya'll also hate them gays!
Stop all that hatin'!
And just start masturbatin',
To a picture of a sexy vixen,
Or just a fox,
Or a bear cub.


Clevah. Vereh clevah. There were a few iffy parts on the vocals and the mixing wasn't the greatest for me, but this got me to smile. And then laugh. And then give it 4.5 stars. And I'm a furry, so that's saying something.

The lyrics "Some just need boobs,
But some need boobs and tails." got me. I don't know why, but that just made me laugh the most.

Um... but yeah, good job. :)

ulfusNG responds:

Yay, I think this is my best song yet, though when I was writing it I was afraid the first minute would scare everyone away.

Ok i quit, i wouldnt be trying to persuading you to make serious music any longer this is obviously your call xD
Lyrics are very original and totally hilarious, the song in pretty nice as well.
I cant really take some vocal flaws seriously, they are small and in this style of music it just blends xD
Cowboy section is pretty nice, good guitaring there :)
These "Will you ever stop fantasizing about a fox's ball sack? ", "What's wrong with a Panda who has some nice jugs?" totally cracked me up xD
Good job Ulfus you certainly take the Comic Songs to a really high level :)

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, though I'm not that great yet, still need to work on my lyrics.

I actually enjoyed this parody quite a bit. At first, I honestly thought it was just going to be a chew out on different cultures or the whole "Burn furfags" that all the idiots seem to spout out kind-a-thing. Then when the music changed, I was quite surprised which lead the song to become very entertaining with the silly lyrics and tone of voice used in the song. Well done!

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ulfusNG responds:

Thanks for listening past the first minute, quite a few people don't, hence my low rating of 4.10.
I'm planning on working on a Brony song next and a few other niche fandoms.

Some silly stuff going on there. I'm glad it's not a bashing song. It's actually informative, lol. The production is nice, and you have a great singing voice. (Thus I am curious to checking out what other songs you've done.) The accompaniment and style suited the song well.

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Very funny indeed. Not my taste as far as the music side goes, however it was arranged very well. The singing was rather skillful; reminded me of something of a musical...like disney or broadway or something. Aladdin up in hurr.

I also thought the point that you made in the song, regardless of it's comedic side, was well said. Not sure why people have to continually persecute and perpetuate hate towards all of the different cultures.

Anyways, good job on this song. Keep up the good work.

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, I created it as I could only find 1 furry fandom song and thought it would help spread the furdom. P.S. I love your song Legacy, I listened to it for about 4 or 5 hours on loop today.

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