Reviews for "Damn Those Furries"

Great, as always. Some cringeworthy parts in the lyrics, of course, but that was certainly intentional. The instrumental part was pretty good as a whole. As many have said, a more serious track would be refreshing with your skills, but you seem to be working on that already.

Woah, dude, even though the song is supposed to be really silly, you made it sound really cool with the opening music. It's only the lyrics that make you realize this is a parody song. And the use of different styles are done well.

The singing and it blending with the music was done very professionally.

You should try making a non-parody song. It would be pretty cool.

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, I'm working on a non-parody song at the moment about the Robot Apocalypse with KillingYouTwice to keep me on track, it's going to be a powermetal song.

I actually enjoyed this parody quite a bit. At first, I honestly thought it was just going to be a chew out on different cultures or the whole "Burn furfags" that all the idiots seem to spout out kind-a-thing. Then when the music changed, I was quite surprised which lead the song to become very entertaining with the silly lyrics and tone of voice used in the song. Well done!

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks for listening past the first minute, quite a few people don't, hence my low rating of 4.10.
I'm planning on working on a Brony song next and a few other niche fandoms.

Although the topic of the song is very weird and sicki, it's pretty funny and the singing is very harmonic.
Good work.

ulfusNG responds:


Very funny indeed. Not my taste as far as the music side goes, however it was arranged very well. The singing was rather skillful; reminded me of something of a musical...like disney or broadway or something. Aladdin up in hurr.

I also thought the point that you made in the song, regardless of it's comedic side, was well said. Not sure why people have to continually persecute and perpetuate hate towards all of the different cultures.

Anyways, good job on this song. Keep up the good work.

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, I created it as I could only find 1 furry fandom song and thought it would help spread the furdom. P.S. I love your song Legacy, I listened to it for about 4 or 5 hours on loop today.