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Black Hole Stephen Hawkin

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I dabble in some,
Time travel is it,
Do we burn up?
Where would we turn up?
Is there disparity,
In singularity?
Are they passive?
Will they be the end of us?
Will it matter?
If this matter?
Disappears without a fuss?
Why are all these stars leaving?
Maybe we have hurt their feelings?
I say we form a planetary council,
And set off on an adventure!
And if we can't convince them to turn back,
We'll have to plan a galactic attack!
Contact all the astrophysicists!
I plan to follow through with this!
We have to use physics to fight these physics,
Counteract this entropy and thermodynamics!
We have to get these smart guys on our side,
And get them talking,
Like sexy walkin' stephen hawkin'.
We have to build space ships to survive,
So we can thrive,
And avoid a nose dive.
These black holes keep expanding,
And exceed my general understanding.
I cannot comprehend,
How this world is going to end.
But if we find some friends,
They might help the anti-gravitational collapse revolution begin.
Black holes never stop taking and growing,
They're worse than we are!
They're worse than we are...
But we still love them
Since they're really cool
As proven by Sexy Walkin Stephen Hawking

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Wow nice

The Lyrics are really good this is a nice vibe behind it too the backround music plays well with it aswell you have a nice style and some good talents, those Lyrics are just very good great work indeed and nice sound would love to hear more like this.

none needed


Someone! Call the Morgue! Don't bother calling 911! Ulfus Killed it! Haha legit ass song man!

Just, Hell yes.

Well damn, I thought it was pretty good!

I enjoyed the song a bit, however, I feel that this song could have used either more direction or more control. I really enjoyed the vocals and how much range the vocalist had. His voice along with the instrumentation of the beginning up to about the 55 second mark sounded sort of like something Sinatra-esque only more psychedelic.

The remaining song goes for a whole tonal shift from the psychedelic Sinatra to a vaguely funk and techno combined chorus and it doesn't seem to transition very well or fit with the rest of the song in the slightest. The vocals take a turn for the worse as well because it sounds as though a different vocalist took over whom doesn't seem to have nearly as much range or power as the other vocalist.

Honestly, I feel that the song is kind of jumbled. It goes from a Sinatra inspired slow tune the first minute to a funky techno tune the next. I think that the song should have taken one style and stuck with it and maybe refined it a bit. Maybe the vocalist could have gone for a more traditional baritone Sinatra voice and maybe had more of a classic piano instrument.

That or they could have focused more on the second part of the song. Maybe upped the volume of the funky guitar. It is called Sexy Walkin' Stephen Hawkin' after all. Maybe emphasize the sexy part of the title. Give it a whole 70's vibe, complete with a deep black guy voice speaking the title.

Maybe what this really needed was a better transition. I kind of get a musical vibe from the transition segment. Why not roll with that? Have it kind of slow down a bit and then up the ante as the original vocalist sings the first part only to get slowly taken over by the chorus.

With some implementation of ideas and better direction, this song would really be great. But as it is, it's kind of a mess with a really good vocalist overshadowing the rest of the song.


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ulfusNG responds:

Hot damn that's an amazing review, you don't do lyrics coabs do you?

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May 24, 2013
8:58 PM EDT
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