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Someone asked me to make this - another person who was looking for a video game soundtrack. This may be edited/extended in the future. I basically got bored today and decided to get it out of the way... :P

I tried to make this more glitchy and use a different style than normal. Gross Beat and dblue_glitch were the main two VST used. I also decided to try out the Morphine demo. Unfortunately, the demo has static every once in a while that cuts out the normal instrument, and also won't save the instrument if you close out of the project. So I had those limitations to look out for. :< Fortunately, the static kind of works with the song, but I guess I'll need to get the full version if I want to use it for the kinds of songs I normally make.

All of the arpeggios were done by hand, not randomized or arpeggiated.

Oh, and finally, it loops cleanly.



EDIT: I could really use some good constructive feedback. Thanks!


The effects on the song are great!

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks! :D Some of them are accidental from the demo of Morphine I was using, and the other main FX was an explosion noise from one of the demo projects in FL. Oh, and if you want to know the effects that I used on the instruments, you can see that in the review response right below this one. ;)

Glad you enjoy it!

Whoa, did it just restrart? Hahaha I haven't even noticed ^^ You did a nice job looping

I like the future-ish sound of this, and the different pitches of keyboard all in the same time. This is very rich music you did there, very nice. What program have you used for this?

Woah, did it just restart AGAIN?! XD You think this song will last forever!

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SkyeWint responds:

It doesn't last forever?

I used FL Studio 10 - the synths I used were... hold on, let me check the project file for all the synths and effects... :) Sytrus, (demo)Morphine, PoiZone, and FL Slayer, actually. I also used samples from the demo projects in FL for the drums and some FX from them as well.

The effects used were Fruity Reeverb, Fruity Parametric EQ 2 (since there must be an equalizer, naturally...), Gross Beat, (free)dblue_glitch v1.3, Fruity Love Philter, Fruity Fast Dist, (bought)Guitar Rig 5, Fruity Phaser, Fruity Formula Controller, Fruity Stereo Enhancer, Fruity Stereo Shaper, and Fruity Delay 2. :)

(demo) means I only have the demo of it, (free) means it's a free downloadable VST, and (bought) obviously means I bought it...

I can put the project file up if you or anyone else wants to see/edit it. :)

LOL i had listened to it 3 times before i realised it was repeating :D

SkyeWint responds:

WOOHOO! :D The loop works!

Seriously, thanks. ;) Glad it's good enough to keep your attention for that long.

I like the sound of it! I could see this in some sort of futuristic shooter.
It has a nice build up, and sounds futuristic, very very nice.

SkyeWint responds:

Hello there! Thanks for the response! I'm glad you like it, and if you read the description, it IS intended for a futuristic battle theme, so it's a good thing I apparently got that!

Hope to bring more video game music that you enjoy!

Really nice! I think that this has really good build up, and I will now download this! Great job.

SkyeWint responds:

Thanks, man! I worked fairly hard on the buildups in this, as well as the looping and glitchiness. Glad it shows, and I'm glad you enjoy it!

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