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~SW~ Wake From Your Nightmare

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Author Comments

This is my tribute to the excellent soundtrack of the Kingdom Hearts series. I know about the transitions, they aren't particularly good... I tried though. This abuses soundfonts and drum samples.

-If you rate this other than a 5/5 or 10/10, tell me what could be improved to make it a 5/5 or 10/10! I love improving the music I make, and I'll take all criticism, as long as it's helpful and constructive.


(Note. If you actually do respond and say how things could be improved when you rate them badly, disregard the following.)

To all the zerobombers. We know you're there. You know that all of us want you to die in a fire. I don't know whether you're doing it because you genuinely dislike the music that you zerobomb or you just want your music to be at the top, but... It is annoying as heck, nobody likes it, I doubt you like it when someone just rates down what you worked hard on without saying why. So please, stop. Just say something, just one measly little sentence to explain why you rated it down or how it could be better. If you say both, all the better. It's not hard. It doesn't take long. And it makes people not get POed at you.

Thankies if you read it and decided to change! And if you didn't... go rate yourself zero and die in a fire.

~Reuploaded due to zerobombing~
I don't know why you do it. Please stop. If you're going to rate it down, say how it could be improved. :| If you're doing it to get your music forward, make your music better than this and let it get more 5/5s.

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this is chillingly sick. interesting way of combining the two.

SkyeWint responds:

Sweet. Thanks!

I should redo the mixing of this, it's kinda crappy as-is.

Quite Grand!

I love this track, I have you give you quite a bit of respect for this. In my opinion, the minor electric guitar didn't fit as well, but the rest was definitely splendid.

SkyeWint responds:

It's meant to be grand, the electric guitar doing power chording is something I thought I might as well do - guess it didn't work out overly well. lol. I enjoy making music like this... guess I like to make all kinds of music. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to put out more tracks of the same type as this one.

Thank you!

LOve your music

enough said:)

Not bad

I feel something common with all your tracks is that the composition is very well written. That, and the track always feels grand, royal or something like so.

I'm not a huge fan of your drum samples, nor the midi-like melodic line, nor the electric guitar sound which is a tad cheesy. I'd really like to see you go out and get some really good sample packs, because they could lift your compositions to a whole nother level.

That said, the composition of your track really makes all that negative stuff I just said void. It's all put together so well, the bass, the rhythmics, the melodic lines, you have multiple layers of synths to flesh it out, which I'm a big fan off. It does sound a bit off-key at times, and I'm no fan of fade-outs at the end.

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SkyeWint responds:

The reason it's /generally/ compositionally well-written is because I've studied music and composition for over six years with one of the best teachers in the state, and in several other states nearby - so that /could/ have something to do with it.

I also like making songs full, deep, and have a feeling of "this is a strong song", not just the ones that, while cool, have no real depth. Admittedly, I also like a feeling of "grand-ness" in my songs. Especially songs like this.

I know, I know, my samples aren't good. I've only been using the defaults. I should probably get more, but they don't sound overly bad... to me, they sound like drums. Having custom samples doesn't necessarily make a song better, it may make the drum samples unique, but so what? I'll try to get some better samples to make you happy though (especially since I'm sure a lot more people will be happier because of that too).

The midi-like melodic line... That was a soundfont violin, I'll probably use a violin sample from Reason with my next song that features a violin, as they're higher quality. The FLS strings were less fitting than the violin in the soundfont. I admit that the electric guitar sound wasn't the best either, but it was better than the default in FLS, again... I also note that this was intended to be a tribute to KH, and the soundtracks for that were also almost all midi for the first few games (if I remember right).

I try to make all the bits of my songs fit. I also don't try to make every single part in the same key, because the parts that aren't in the same key can still sound good. Depends on whether there is (A) a transition, or (B) whether it's not in another KIND of key. There's more than just classical major/minor keys, but jazz keys as well that sound quite good while putting in tritones.

I do use quite a few instruments and layer them all together, partially because having many things like that going at once lets people focus on different things each time they listen, and not listen to the same thing as much, or listen repeatedly to the same thing because there always seems to be more.

Aaaaand, the final thing. This fades out because it is a loop track, I have the beginning of the loop start at about 0:23, halfway through that second. it plays from there again at about 2:32. I have it fade out because I wasn't intending it to have an ending - it's probably going to be in a game I'm doing the soundtrack for (not the one for the RRC, sorry :P).

Thanks for the review! (Yay for making replies about four times larger than the review, too!)

Pretty intense.

I like how dynamic this song is and how it keeps you on edge all the way through.

A few things of note, though:

- It kind of clips for me at certain parts, though that might be my speakers and not the actual song. Don't have my headphones around to see otherwise.

- I know you used soundfonts and they sound nice enough, but you could have probably used VST's or something else that sounded better than some of the sounds in the song.

- This would be perfect for a flash if it looped or had a proper ending atleast. I do fade-outs more often than not in my work too and am trying to fix that, but an ending to this pretty awesome ride would make this even better.

Don't have much else to say, I don't usually write this much in a review but this was too nice not to say anything.

P.S - As for zero bombers, they're everywhere and get everyone, apparently. It really can get annoying, but keep at it!

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Jul 21, 2011
9:02 PM EDT
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