Average Girl

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*Words from Evil-Dog*
I've been wanting to collab with Hania for a freaking long time cause she's awesome, we've exchanged emails for a while and now we finally got something done! Woo! Hope you like it people!

*Words from Hania*
I love you Evil-Dog. Let's do this again sometime ;)

You wanna be there for your mother or your father or your sister
But the world is priority
No super hero costumes all you've got is jeans and a t-shirt
That's the norm in society

You're breaking out but it's ok cause you have a cream to fix it
And it feels really good to apply
No super human strength you exercise but it's not really working
And you've gone up a clothes size

You're an average girl on a mission to save the world...
You're an average girl on a mission; To save the world

You get into the shower
Clean behind your ears and wash your hair
So that you smell super fresh and nice
Get out and dry
Brush your teeth
Do your make-up
Check your weight maybe you've dropped a size

Put on your jeans and your t-shirt
Socks and joggers
Grab your keys and get yourself comfy inside your car
You bought an automatic so it's f*king simple when you want to drive - really far.

You are an average girl on a mission to save the world...
You are an average girl on a mission; To save the world...

You make a left turn at the intersection
While the light turns yellow and you chuckle at those left behind

But it's ok, they were tail gating while you drove the limit
Maybe they should learn to read a sign

But less of that, now you're focused on the mission for the world
You need to get to where you need to go
It starts to rain
And you break
Then you stop
And remember
You forgot to turn off your stove

You are an average girl on a mission to save the world...
You are an average girl on a mission; To save the world...

You indicate > get in the left lane
Get off the turn > Head back to your place
You park the car > Open the door
Turn off the stove > and find a note left on the floor

It says 'Hello, I must have missed you'
It's from your boyfriend
He must have missed you
You grab your keys > start up the car
You make a mental note you'll call him when you reach the stars

You're on a mission!

You say:
"No more interruptions now it's time to save the world
Protect the innocent or they will die"

You need to get to space and quickly
Or the world will end in pain
This is serious; you need to fly

You've got to break the outter rim of earth and tackle lots of comets
In the void that we call Outter Space
But when you really think about it
Could you do that in your jeans?
I think you've just put yourself in your place

You are an average girl on a mission to save the world...
You are an average girl on a mission to save the world...
You are an average girl on a mission; To save the world!


I love this. I'm not a big fan of Hania, but I just love the mix of her vocals and Marco's guitar skills.


Totally awesome.

It's a bit shameful that the mix is so rough though. Punk is rough, i get it. :P But the vocals get pushed away by the heavy mix on the guitar together with it's sheer volume.

I'd love to hear this again with some better balance between vocals and the guitar, other than that, fantastic job, and lovely lyrics too :)

I know you must have heard this many times Miss Lee, but you have an incredible voice, but that is not what I truly like about your music, it is the diversity and the nice twists you cannot stop from putting inside your songs, this is extremely rare and I respect that with all my heart, your music has truly been a great inspiration to me and helped me open my eyes a bit on the musical side of life. I am truly happy the year 2012 did not slap you right across the face and I truly hope you continue this marvellous path.


Nicely done. The lyrics are well written although I'll admit there were some parts I didn't understand and had to read the lyrics you wrote below. A very nice voice the vocals are just amazing in this. I like the beat it gets into the chorus' beat is kind of catchy and although the majority of audience on Newgrounds in male even some males are bound to enjoy this nicely composed track. Keep up the nice work guys, very well done!

Awesome guitars! You do this style really well, you should do rock more often!

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