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Draculine Verde

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This animation was made for the 3rd round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation 2013. A round in which we each had 25 days to come up with an animation to the theme "Your Own Reflection".

I ended up going with a story about a teenage vampire in an identity crisis. Since vampires /don't/ have reflections and such. Though it's not a comedy, I thought it was a hilarious idea. I only wish I could've done more with it. Want to hear me ramble? First I'd forgotten the stylus to my pen tablet in the other end of the country (I hadn't exactly though I'd make it past the last round), so I just went ahead and ordered a new one... which turned out not to be combatable with my tablet. In the end I had to make the 8-hour trip to get my stylus. Then a major exam came up. Then work. Then computer crashes. It was reaaally annoying.

But, that being said I'm glad that I was able to finish on time, though with a few compromises. I stepped out of my comfort zone on a few different points, and it's not everything that worked out quite as I had imagined, but all in all it was a nice experience.

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That was a very sweet story. I don't sympathize with vampires normally. Wait, I love Marceline! I appreciate how you made her easy to relate to. I wonder why vampires have no reflection? Well, I guess it makes as much sense as most vampire mythos.

The animation was very nice. It's probably the best in this NATA series. Even the title is elegant. I thought it wouldn't have dialogue. It was very well paced that way.

whoa, this is amazing!!!

i need to know what happens next

I like the ending... and i like the part where you can see the girl's reflection... overall it's good

I want to know what happens next.