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Sidechain Your Heart {durn}

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So I dunno what to classify my stuff as anymore so I'm pickin' Misc. since I dunno what this tune is. Kinda nu-disco/rock/house/whate vs. I've received a lot of requests to "make a song like Summer Solace again" so I looked at the structure and applied elements of it to a melody I'd come up with and also combined aspects of my tune Get Ready to Dance as well since it's been so highly downloaded.

This song was done entirely in Propellerhead Record + Reason, incorporating quite a few more layers than I normally do as I doubled up a few elements and separated them to alternate stereo channels to try and achieve a fuller sound; I think it worked quite nicely.

Also, melodically/structurally I tried something new with the chords. Well, new to me anyways. I remember hearing that Stairway to Heaven incorporates/layers melodies that are simply time-stretched versions of the same notes over a broader spectrum. I decided I'd give it a try! The chords in the first 16 bars are 4-bar versions of the chords that come in the next 16 bars, which are 8-bar versions of the same chords. Then, in the bridge I stretched them further to 16-bars. Quite neat, cause it worked! :)

As usual, please rate / review / enjoy!

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Like the edgy bass!

Good stuff man loving it!

durn responds:

Yeah, I actually mistakenly put the one bassline in the right stereo and it still sounded cool, weird how mistakes can end up working out alright in the end. :D Thanks for the review, IIPhase.

I liked it.

Something about it you could dance/sit and relax to. I prefer the latter, keep it up.

durn responds:

Hahaha, yeah, I make lazy dance music. ;) Lol, thanks for the review, Wardragonkai. :d

To the guy below

Dicso still falls under house music. It was the original house music.

This track is much better than a lot of the generic crap that gets put out here. Good job.

durn responds:

Too true, soulblud. :) I was definitely not around for the disco days but it seems to hold a place in my heart for some reason. I guess I'm just a dancin' fool!

Thanks for the review, dude. :)

You know,

Newgrounds should add a Nu Disco section. I've been trying it, you've been trying it, i'm sure it would blow up lol, it's getting pretty big :D

Anyway, awesome work. Destroyed my attempt by a longshot. I'da thrown this in Dance though, as this is rather dancey :D

durn responds:

Duuuuuude, I totally agree. If NG added a Nu-Disco genre I could finally be crowned king of something. ;) Hahah, ah, I'm full of myself. :p lol

Thanks for the top regards, Or4nges. I'm actually almost done a new track that will top this in regards of Disco quality as I just bought the Reason Disco School refill and it is fuckinG AWESOME! Oh man. Already done a track, I just need to write and record lyrics for it. Pretty stoked about it actually as it feels to me a culmination of my learning and progression in composition/production.


I agree with DISTRIX, your music is really fresh. You have a distinct sound in all your songs that makes them so recognizable and amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

durn responds:

:) Thank you, floatingmagictree! lol, love your monicker. Makes me think of silly cartoon characters dancing around.

[ED]: Aw, you changed it. :P

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Apr 24, 2011
8:29 PM EDT
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