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Reviews for "Sidechain Your Heart {durn}"


I see why it's called "Sidechain Your Heart", 'cuz my heart is about to burst outta' my chest from its epicness! (Hopefully I'm not offending you when I say that) This is similar, if not better, than Summer Solace, but I'm still hooked on all you music however! With my heart securely (side)chained in place, now is the time. The time: to strut down the block! With hands held high under the bluest, clearest skies with you genius as my theme, this is the dawning of the Durn Era! Everyone! Do the Durn (*busts out door and struts rather arrogantly around the block*)!

durn responds:

Haha, no offense taken as I'm not sure how a compliment could offend! :d

And w00t, glad to hear it's comparable to Summer Solace, too bad the track seems to have been buried by some zero-bombin' nancies! lol, I don't understand how they find me! I hid the track in Misc.! ;)

Keep up the strut! Nothin' like a good arrogant strut! :D Thanks for the love, Auto!


Your music is incredibly fresh. Of all the dance music I hear, your style is something that I can't get enough of. It's very organic and well composed. Great work as always on this track.

One day down the road, I want to collab with you on a track. Just saying lol.

durn responds:

:) Thanks DISTRIX. I agree, you've got a great understanding of beats, I do believe we should work together on something in the future as I love melodies but am lacking in how I attack the rhythm sections.


I agree with DISTRIX, your music is really fresh. You have a distinct sound in all your songs that makes them so recognizable and amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

durn responds:

:) Thank you, floatingmagictree! lol, love your monicker. Makes me think of silly cartoon characters dancing around.

[ED]: Aw, you changed it. :P

I liked it.

Something about it you could dance/sit and relax to. I prefer the latter, keep it up.

durn responds:

Hahaha, yeah, I make lazy dance music. ;) Lol, thanks for the review, Wardragonkai. :d

Like the edgy bass!

Good stuff man loving it!

durn responds:

Yeah, I actually mistakenly put the one bassline in the right stereo and it still sounded cool, weird how mistakes can end up working out alright in the end. :D Thanks for the review, IIPhase.