Summer Solace {durn}

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I haven't uploaded any content in quite a while now. As luck would have it, I've been busy getting paid to make loops for the promotional flash games on ytv.com. If you don't think putting stuff up here will pay off, just keep at it, you never know what opportunities lay ahead. Trust me! :)

Now, about the song...

Made in Reason 4.0 using my Novation ReMOTE 25SL (I -love- the automapping software that comes with it, great for DAW users). I've been playing around with new song-writing and production techniques and feel I've made a large improvement compared to my older works.

It's a nice, catchy house tune that I started off at 92 bpm when I was first recording, so I decided to start it off there and pitch it up after the first 8 - it sounds kinda neat, I think.

But I'll let you all be the judge! Please rate and give me some critical feedback, would love to hear what you all think. :)

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I can't believe I actually found this song...after all those years. Used to play eenie balance as a kid and I absolutely loved the soundtrack. Thank you for bringing me all those memories :)

GOSH!! Finally I found the original song... I have been obsessed with this song since 2010 when I use to play eenie bounce game in 6 grade in the computer class :') It's so nostalgic

Sir, I want to sincerely thank you for making this beautiful song.
This song isn't just one of my favorites on Newgrounds, this is one of my favorite songs, period. Listening to it right now takes me back to the time when I first found it, some time around 2010. I had become addicted to everything Newgrounds and I was collecting songs from the portal all the time. This song makes me feel an assortment of emotions every time I listen to it, and it makes me nostalgic for many things in my life.
Again, thank you. Don't ever stop doing what you do.

I love this one.Now it's winter so this song doesn't fit at all,but in summer it makes me just want to go out,walk on the city,going to the beach,hang out with some friends and have some cold beers and dance!!!
Really lovely song Durn,I don't know how I didn't reviewed this one before xD!!

One of the best song I've ever heard on Newgrounds, BRAVO!

durn responds:

w00t! Kind of you to say, Demander. :)