NGHH'11 - Gunner-D&Mao

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition: Tag Team
Go here to find about more about the Competition: http://bigred.newgrounds.
Go buy the 2010 Hip Hop Competition Album @ http://www.newgrounds.com /store/product/hip-hop-20 10-cd

Producer: Gunner-D (http://gunner-d.newgroun ds.com/)
Production comments:

Vocal sample from the movie "Dead Man" between Nobody and William Blake
Inspector Gadget theme.
Trumpet added from Miles Davis - Theme.
FL 9.

MC: MC Mao (http://mickeymao.newgrou nds.com/)

My hip hop philosophy, this can't be taught to you in school
It's community: DJ breaks, the B-Boy makes the moves
Graphiti illustrates the nature, MC vocalizes the truth
"Dude, its just music, it's stupid, Mao, who you trying to amuse?"
Don't declare it as floccinaucinihilipilifica tion
I dont care if its pronounced right, a vicissitude will provide my alteration
I'll make myself look brilliant with serotonin going off the charts
its survival of the fittest, I'm building an arc with broken shards and spare parts
Every day starts with Occam's Razor slicing through the research
A simple theory defeat Charlie Sheen like a wiki leak on a white collared t-shirt
Dr. Stranglove syndrome, your hands are in syncopation with the flow
To the point that you're droppin stressed notes to correspond with the tempo
Now you're beyond the levels of delusion and megalomania
no more ithyphallophodia, your spirits get uplifted, its not gonna scare ya.
2011, Hip Hop competition gotta give props to BigRed
In case you're wondering, you're a bitch if you think Hip Hop is still dead.

Gunner-D, spark the catalyst, drop the beat.
M.C. Mao, tag team, we're bringing back the deceased
Don't speak the resurrection, it's only the resurgence
Solidiers stand up, get command, here's a plan,you got purpose

Gunner-D, sample it then package it to me.
M.C Mao, Go go gadget,(Ba blah!) The rapping machine
These philosophies, they're logically perfect.
Hip hop drops the beat, this is how I gotta work it.

You heard it, now you're certain this has got to be genuine.
It's authentic; you've been blessed,hearing all these incredible rhymes
Several times, you're not sure, you didn't quite catch exactly what I was saying.
Sorry, I tend to break the standards as I'm applying changes to the situation.
Take it from the grave; pull the message from my hat
Read it to the crowd , cue applause, now that's rap
If you don't agree, you think hip hop is dead.
I'll spin you in 36 chambers, "Wu" the revolutions never end.


You hit a lot of the words on the list but the rhymes aren't great and your diction is pretty mumbly and off-beat. I think part of this is due to the 'lazy brass' in the beat and overall it gives the song a rough sloppy feel to it... Which would be okay if it were easier to understand. The issue is that it's not.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate this great feedback you've been given me. I hear ya on the poor diction and weakness in clarity; I can barely understand a lot of my older works without squintin my ears. Ill be workin on improving it in le future.

Wazz Cookin

I like this beat. Cool lyrics....


"I'll spin you in 36 chambers, "Wu" the revolutions never end"

Legendary line right there

2 thumbs up (-b.' ')-b

Keep pushing guy

MickeyMao responds:

Wu hoo!!Thanks for listen Wings!


its rapy and cool nice work man

MickeyMao responds:

Rapy? SWEET!!! Thanks for the comment ggm12345


This shit is dope I dont know but when I hear this I think Aesop Rock it might be the beat maybe the flow. But good track all together dude.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks Glitch! Aesop is a favourite of mine, so I probably have subconsiously bit a bit at his style. Glad you liked the track, stay tuned man.

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Apr 17, 2011
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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