Hackd Station w/MCMao&NoCoins

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Beat brought to you by G Minor (http://b-radgfromov.newg rounds.com/).
Word brought to you by MC Mao and NoCoins(http://nocoins.ne wgrounds.com/)

Captain Sheppard, Im going renegade
right trigger, kick ya out the window, wrap ya up in cellophane
Any game, any entertainment system
Updated the classics, I play 16bit in high definition
Quick hittin walls, flippin of cliffs and spittin fireballs
Pickin up thermal clips and turnips, gettin Magic Carp to evolve
Im not stalling, my go-kart is loading with shrooms
I go toe to toe with my foes and dodge sonic booms
You lose, game over, pay up, you owe my some coin
and no sir, pains not over, I'm here to destroy
Deflate the royalty, Im your friendly neighborhood rhyme slinger
My lines are intertwined with hyper potions and super ether
No cheats here, but I use a hack to play for free
R4 in my backpack and a Chinese PSP
My PC is a piece of shit, but it feeds the temptation
Im a dedicated player, but I still gotta bootlegged the playstation

Open the box, bi-pass security
defeat M. Bison, defy all certainty
you've heard of, but never saw my coming
I roll with Knuckles and run up on Sonic

chillin at the battlestations
me and my clan
man we bringing down entire nations
turn on the fps
to release my frustrations
going to a clan war
we always win
time for celebration
murder thy enemy
demonstrate the devestation
checkin out the leaderboards
showin off my reputation
player of the year
im on the top for nomination
when it comes to cod
ill only do domination
but id rather play vietnam
running thru the battlefield
all day long
going afk wanna play some donkey kong
what i do in game man it
gets turned into song
when i start to doing bad
i just hit up the bong
love the thc cause
it increases my focus
gets me feeling good
like princess peachs slow kiss
like kung lao
my fighting style is white lotus
kickin ass on games
but in real life im not that strong

hook x2.5

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Good lookin out

On changing the name and all that for this account. Things are going to be good man. Look out people, Hackd Station II is coming in the future... Whenever we get around to it!

Also, NoCoinz really needs to work on his voice, besides that flawless track. Keep it up guys!


MickeyMao responds:

hhhehe keep em droppin


10/10 for you Mickey. If your go kart is loaded with shrooms, you should prob eat em and get all high(er in the sky).

The hook is a trip hahahaaaa nice.

MickeyMao responds:

thanks Gasmasq, glad you liked it

I like it!

It's a good beat, catchy, the beat is sorta a jazzy feel. Overall it's really good! You guys have really good lines & lyrics. Amazing!

MickeyMao responds:

thanks xZoDxDramaLA, glad you like it :)

Pretty Chill

Great Job guys, fresh beat and the lines were good,
but Mao got that Fresh style and Baal, you was good but need to work on the flow of it a bit more, still great job

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks DYLAV8R, appreciate the word. peace

Made me lol

The background beat was very good but you could work a little bit on the voice work especially the fps part.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks LookADistaction. Glad ya lold :)

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Jan 21, 2011
1:23 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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