Sonic 3 - Robotnik's War

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Okay, so I finished the song, making it almost 4 min long as I promised. Even tho I'm still somewhat of a noob, I feel a little bit less like one after finishing this. ^_^

Relatively easy at some points, while challenging at other parts. Just thinking of ways to make it sound new, epic, war-like, all while staying true to the original was the hard part. In so many places did I just want to go out with a new melody in the piece that would be really epic, but then it would've ended up being a whole different song than intended if I wasn't careful.

So this is Robotnik's War.

Eggman, sick of his plains failing at the last minute thanks to a certain blue hedgehog we all know and love (or hate. Shame on you people. lol) decides to go all out and conquer or destroy anything he can. He gathers all his resources and releases them on to the world, causing chaos and mass catastrophe's around the globe that puts guys like Perfect Chaos and Iblis to shame.

Sonic and his friends try to stop them, but this time the friends start falling one by one before even Sonic has to admit defeat and surrender to the unstoppable war machine that is Eggman. Having conquered much of the world, he now reshapes it in the ways he sees fit...how that looks is up to you to picture it, either a post-apocalyptic ruin or a technologically advanced society that advances according to Eggman's desires. Hey, the good doctor isn't all about destroying things than he is building them. His bases are surprisingly clean and high tech for the most part.

Well, that's the story. Enjoy the music.


Certainly a worthy mix for the good doctor

I like it. Orchestral arrangements are not easy to do, if you don't plan on sticking with the source, note-by-note. Here's a few pointers to make your next track even better.

Watch for clipping - when all the instruments are in place, I hear clipping/overcompression. It detracts from the quality of the track.

Sample quality - while this may be something you can't help too much (samples can be expensive) there are ways to make instruments more 'real'. The velocities are there to help you in this regard, as are the 'Attack' and 'Sustain' options on the plugins. Play with them a bit and try to make the instruments sound more realistic.

Orchestration - It's actually pretty darn good, right now, but there's too much going on all the time. Try cutting some instruments out periodically (like the strings), because they wear on the ears if they're used too much. Keep them fresh by holding them back, every so often.

The high strings hurt my ears - use them sparingly to accent very special moments, not as the norm.

Other than that, great track, bro. I enjoyed it thoroughly (especially the story, lol).

geno136 responds:

He he, sorry to hurt your ears man. Didn't mean to with the high strings. ^_^;

In any case, I might as well explain a few things about this:
-So it's already obvious that I am much of a noob in regards to making music. I'm still learning a lot of things, for example: I have no idea what clipping or overcompression is. I'll learn it eventually tho, thanks to your review. XD

-I'm still working on the sample quality of things. I never expected this to be perfect, but I wanted to make sure I did a damn good job on the song overall.

-As for there being too much going on, I don't exactly hear it that way, but that's really no excuse for that now is it? XD
I'll have to work on that to get a more deeper effect.

-As for the high strings, I wanted them to be the main melody throughout most of the song, along with it not blending with the lower strings to the point where you can't make out the sounds very well.

All in all, there's still work that needs to be done. I might eventually remaster this at some point. But hey, thank's for enjoying my work.

Best sonic remix

This remix gives a whole new meaning to typical sonic movie. Usually retro sonic music has that techno feel to it but the strings make its have a deeper tone of a somewhat fail and even a gameover feel to it.

geno136 responds:

Epic and GameOver feel, huh?

Looks like I accomplished my mission then. ^_^

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