Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Subboss

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I figured since I'm going to be a member here I might as well develop some talents and submit something. And here is what I have.

This was all done in a copy Fl Studio 7 given to me by a friend. At this point, I would like to officially declare myself the newest noob when it comes to making music, as I just started learning to use it.

The concept I had in mind when making this tune was having Sonic fight someone other than the usual rivals and foes, Shadow, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Eggman, and so I figured to go with Rouge when making this. Reason why is because those types of match-ups are too predictable and expected, so I wanted something unexpected and fresh for, and so I used Rouge to fit the theme for the tune.

The idea behind it was having Sonic fight his way through the depths of Eggman's airships (say for example, the Egg Carrier) and arriving at an arena-like stage on the outside of the ship. This is where I used the wind effects to bring about that feeling of strong winds blowing across the stage, and when the song actually begins is where Rouge the Bat appears out of the sky.

Sonic and Rouge scrap words at each other, the main topic being the Chaos Emeralds they each have and are trying to collect, and then the beginning drum beat symbolizes the start of their battle. The Jazzy/R&B theme is made to fit Rouge's character in the same manner that her music in SA2 symbolized her, at the same time I used an old classic tune from Sonic & Knuckles as the template to make the song, fir those who can familiarize themselves with it.

This whole song took me since March to concieve it in my mind, and since September of this year to actually start it in FL Studio. It's far from complete, and this is only a short version of the full song. The original tune is too big to fit on Newgrounds, so I had to do some tweaking.

So what do you guys think of my very first arrangement?



Very nice. A well thoughtout adaptation of an old classic to represent a new situation.

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Oct 11, 2009
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