Super Paper Mario Final Boss

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I had this on my computer since last year when I first started making music on FL Studio, and this is probably my worst piece ever made.

Super Paper Mario is what I consider to be the best of the Paper Mario series so far, although I've only played two of them (the first one and the third one).

Listening to the Ultimate Show when fighting Super Dimentio was quite a work for someone to pull off, but they might have way more experience with me at music.

After hearing the Ultimate Show, I wanted to make my own version of it. The original was more eerie, cold, mischevious, and was so ghoulish in it's melody that it was unique among most music for final bosses. It fitted Dimentio perfectly, so my version wanted to enhance that feel, but instead of eerie and mischevious I wanted hellish and sinister, something that would make you feel like you would walk into the middle of nowhere and suddenly find yourself in the layers of Hell itself.

This was to have Dimentio be the sinister clown he is causing absolute destruction instead of ploting and scheming like he did in Super Paper Mario. Anything he so much as look as is something he destroys by throwing an energy blast at it, even the ground he walks on. It was made to emphasize Dimentio's evil nature exponentially than how he was in the game.

Unfortunately, I can't say that worked exactly how I wanted it too. The choir does give off that sinister feel I wanted, but everything else just fell apart for me. Frankly, out of all the music I have made so far (and for a long time to come I'll bet) this is by far the worst to me.

You guys may or may not like it. One thing's for sure, I'm not ever going to bother finishing this piece.


It sounds like something intense is about to happen. eg a horde of warriors or demons. GG one of the best songs ever personally

wtf this doesn't sound like the theme play super paper mario idiot

geno136 responds:

Someone fails at trolling. Try reading the author comments next time. ;)


its a good feel for what you were going for the only thing i would really change is some diffrent beats with the drums and go a little lower on the keys of the piano then quiet it down to get that sinister feel....but thats just me...hope you finish the song could go really good for alot of things

geno136 responds:

If I could get some better choir sounds and other insturments I might think of completely redoing the whole thing. I appreciate the advice tho.

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