Dimentio's Devilish Act

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Started this WAY back in 2010 and somehow finished it.
Anyway, this one has a story to it, and the music serves as a background.
The theme was Evil Circus, and the imagery was meant to match the tone as dark, sinister, typical emotions that invoke fear and worry. It was to blend psychotic and disturbing nature and mesh it with his jester-like appearance, and the tune continues to build and build until it reaches the peak and then drops. You can sort of feel tension build as the timpani picks up speed at the middle while only the bass plays, then more and more instruments join their voices and adds more tension when their sounds play together.
In short, imagine yourself at a very dark and disturbing circus, and that'll pretty much be the perfect image while you're listening to the tune and reading the mini-story I set at specific intervals for it with Dimentio and the Mario Bros in a performing act.
Ringleader: And now, for the final act! We have....DIMENTIO - The Amazing Magician!
[Dimentio appears and bows towards the cheering demented audience]
Dimentio: I have a special treat for everyone. Now introducing my assistants: The MARIO BROS!
[Mario brothers, tied up, are brought to the center]
Dimentio: blink!
Dimentio cuts the Bros ropes and changes the circus into his own dimension, creating massive illusions of shapes as he flings them towards the crowds before bringing them onto the Mario Bros.
Dimentio levitates and plays with the Bros like puppets. The audience laughs.
Mario Bros forced to do very dangerous acts through different dimensions while the audience cheers at them going through them.
Dimentio: And now, more my next act,
Dimentio joins them and puts him and the Bros through dangerous events; he simply flies through his own obstacles while the Mario Bros struggle with them.
Dimentio makes the Mario Bros dance by shooting bolts at them.
Dimentio warps the Mario Bros on a massive diving board to prepare the last peformance.
Tension starts building as Dimentio readies a performance in the form of a black hole and tries to make the Mario Bros jump. They refuse.
Dimentio: Oh, come on!
Dimentio becomes more drastic and irritated, adding more danger to the performance: he sets the black hole on FIRE, and places rings of electricity around the board as punishment, then he sends warped clones to push the Bros off the board. Mario Bros decide to fight them off to avoid jumping off.
Fighting wears the Mario Bros out, yet they keep going
The Mario Bros are forced to jump.
Imagine the Mario Bros going through this repeatedly until...
And the Mario Bro come out of the hole, alive, while Dimentio smiles bows towards a demented crowd.
Dimentio: Thank you! Thank you, everyone!
Update 4/2/13 - Had a problem with re-uploading, but I added Snares and Cymbals for a more powerful feel.


I feel like this would have been much better a movie, so I would either drop the storyline or drop the music and make a video using this music PLUS a video to go along with it. Other than that, then it's pretty decent.

geno136 responds:

Well I can't animate for shit or make videos, so this is just my way of giving others an piece of my imagination.

A lot of fun to listen to.

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