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Well, it's been a few weeks but I'm back! :)

I've been super busy learning Propellerheads' new software, Record, and how to get the most out of it. Ended up having to go out and buy a new computer just so I could use it. :P My shitty lil' laptop couldn't run the damn thing. Lol. :D

Anyways, I've been eagerly lapping up everything regarding Record and how to translate my Reason knowledge into Record and it's been quite succesful. It was a bit of a struggle at first as it just seemed like there was -so- much more to know, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

I would -absolutely- recommend Record+Reason to anyone out there. If you just want to play or if you're a serious professional musician, this combo is superb.

As usual, please rate / review / enjoy!


Its great, but it could be even better.

Once again, very well done and put together but to my ear there is something missing. Don't know what it is, but it's just not what I expect trance to be. Might be just me, since I like it with alot more energy and power in it. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is not enough to turn me on (Trance wise, dont get the wrong idea you pervs >.> )


durn responds:

you want it harder, with more power so it can turn you on and you expect us to -not- think perverted thoughts? :D

lol, yeah, never been a big energy trance fan, have always preferred the trippier relaxed kinda stuff hence why I keep on makin' it chill. :) thanks for the listen and your honest opinion!


This is such a well made track. Can't wait to hear the next one. Also I was about to move into Reason myself but none of the reverb plugins work :/

durn responds:

Eh? Reason doesn't have any plug-ins. Were you applying the reverb in a send fx or directly to the synth you were using?

I can guarantee you that reverb works fine in Reason, just have to know how to wire it up. Send me a PM and I'll toss you my reason template file if you want. :)

I like it!

Really good, no weird song alteration like the last one. I like how it starts out mellow, but then gets a techno dance while keeping the mellow peaceful aspect of it. Great job bro!

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durn responds:

:) Thanks Hunter. I do love blending house & trance more than other genres. :) That last forray into dubstep territorry was just an experiment. :D


i must say durn, u have an uncanny ability for shelling out amazing songs. this 1 seems a bit different from a lot of ur others. im glad u kept the heavy base, that really defines a song i think. gives it the character. and the synth over tones give it a new age-y feel. near 2:24 the little... idk, skip i guess, really caught me. like seeing a yellow flower in a field of grass.
* the bass (drums, 'thump' ect) undertones are great, and how u bring them in and out make this a great song fundementally
* the synth tones give it a good character, full body
* the trip with the snare at 2:24 is a good tactic to speak interest. consider working more little 'bumps' in, but dont over do it or ull sound like lady gaga lol

*the song sounded kinda airy to me. if u meant it to be a techno/trance song, good job, but if not try using sounds a bit lower in tone. it gives a listener the feeling of 'holding onto the music.' as it stands, the music is like mist, u see it, u know its there, but u cant really hold it
* again, unless the idea was a techno song, consider using more natural sounds. i hear a lot of clearly computer generated things, try recording an actual snare drum, or a musician playing a tone. a singer generating a single note can also be used independently in a song

but all in all, very good song i really enjoyed it lol. left it looping for about 15 minutes

durn responds:

damn knight, you do indeed review. :)

glad you liked that snare bit, have been trying out different methods for maintaining rhythmic interest and that seemed to fit nicely there. :)

I hear what you're sayin' about the airy feel and some others have felt the same. To be honest, it is kinda what I was going for with this track. Hence the track title. Dreams cannot be held, only chased. :)

And definitely agree about the last point! Now that I'm using Record I'll definitely start incorporating some live sounds. Didn't this time around as I wanted to recreate my Reason style within Record first. :) Now I feel comfortable enough with the program to start adding more.

Thanks for the great review, red! :)


I really love the funky-trance fusion you have going on here. My only vice is that the intro is a tad too long, but the bass...oh the bass...it reminds me sooo much of Daft Punk, which I think is a great thing for an artist to hear. Overall this song is very smooth and funky, and I love the transitions from the different parts.

durn responds:

hehehe, I'm glad the bass won you over as I'm not sure how I could've shortened the intro. :D Thanks for the review, bballdude. :)

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Apr 21, 2010
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