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BBS Awards 2011

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This is the BBS awards 2011 flash.

Click and drag the dark area down for more categories.

Credits are in-flash.

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So here was another one of thoae games always had some interesting elemwnts going on about it could still using some spicing up for more fun and activities but i liked it and hope you make more anyways untill next time keep it real

Some more mini game like options


Nice list, and the idea of having all the awards in the forum style was a nice addition, all of them with locked icons too. :D Great use of emoticons, and the same music track as always. Nice list!


I really like this thing! You get to see who is the worst at something! Now, we only need to interview him to see how it feels to be him!

Also, I greatly admire The-Great-One. Not only is he polite, but he's also organised. He interviews a lot of cool people on Newgrounds for god's sake!

Manly-Chicken responds:

He's a cool dude.

Solid Awards Flash

I really enjoyed this. While this is essentially a copy and paste of your awards flash from the mid-year 2011 awards, this still looks and sounds great (thanks to Merlin and Ryanson, in part) and really makes something silly (like bbs awards) look important and awesome. I like how it scrolls and how you've provided links and apt descriptions.

It's a solid piece man. I just wish you could have added mini games (and possibly medals...) like you wanted to...

Manly-Chicken responds:

I wish I could've, but I'm busy and lazy.

ZJ's review...

Did not expect that from him at all...

Either way... Love the music. Awards are rightfully earned. Etc. etc...

Manly-Chicken responds: