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[my minds' eye]

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Author Comments

this is my entry for the "represent a country" contest.
my chosen country was India...i entitled this song "my mind's eye" because the 3rd eye is a symbol of enlightenment popular in the Hindi faith, which is the main religion in India. Please, sit back, and meditate, and i hope my song proves calming! please enjoy!

<3 Kerrie

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Nice work.

This song is really good, and I enjoyed it a lot. I just didn't get that sounds that came every now and again that sounded like some sort of grunt or something (I don't really know any audio terms. I'm not into that technical stuff). It threw me off a bit.

zomgkerrie responds:

ahh...i know what you mean...to me, the sound was like an electronic didgeridoo, which sounded fun and seemed to fit with the instrumental makeup of indian songs..i'm sorry that it threw you off:< thanks so much for the listen and nice review! <3


Great work on this track, it has a defnite India vibe too it. I could imagine an Indian kat would be shoulder dancing to this song. Awesome job!

zomgkerrie responds:

thanks so much for stopping by to listen and for the nice review! <3

Zomg Turban Man

Give praise to the three breasted goddess. The combination of organic-ish Indian vibes and electronic bits in this trk is golden :) I downloaded this yesterday and listened to it on the way to school.

The first thing that came to mind after listening to this through was the game "Timesplitters". The game is about a group of people with high tech gadgets and laser guns from the future who go back into time to collect crystals for whatever cliche reason that I cannot remember. I can picture the characters entering a dilapidated Hindi Temple of some sort, getting to the underground sector and figthing off a Hindu cyborg demon (hence the electronic influences) for the prize.

What I enjoyed a lot about this number is how you meshed both sinister and serene emotions into one environment. The textures are superb and airy, love the usage of synths in here, and the subtle intracies that work around the Hindu chant vocal, which is very beautiful and indicative of a Hindu meditating scene itself. Love that evil sounding swell that comes in every eight bars. Well executed build into the second phase of the song, except I would personally prefer maybe a tabla hit crescendo instead of a trancey snare roll. That resonant rhythmic synth theme mirrors the sinister side of the track quite well too, great inclusion in this track :) The chanty vibe and gradual automation was sick.

Beats were right on the money too, the one beat that you start out with (cant remember the name of that type of rhythm) was catchy, and I love how you build upon those themes with the dynamic tabla rhythms. Cymbal samples were great too, they sound quite authentic for what they were, well placed in the back of the track without being too upfront.

The only criticism I can think of is include another Indian based melody (maybe a countermelody to the vocal theme in the third phase of the track) with pitch bend articulations, needs a nasally string sound in here like a Sitar, I think pairing the background pads with maybe some subtle tambura resonance would augment the Hindustani atmosphere. Could be longer as well IMO, but it packs a lot of curry-punch for the two and half minutes it was worth ;)

zomgkerrie responds:

wow!!! what a nice review!! thanks for the time it took you to type all of it! <3 i was kind of going for a "dark beauty" so i'm glad that it came through a little bit. the trouble i had with vocal clips is that a lot of them are singing and chants from the Koran, and it is offensive to their religion for that to be heard anywhere but a mosque. i was having trouble finding anything else that i was sure would not offend anybody. plus i'm cheap and i refuse to pay for samples lol.

i may revisit this track. i have found a way to insert a sitar sound from my keyboard into my music so i may haev to try it!

and interesting thought on the table roll instead of the trance snare roll! it just never crossed my mind!

i'm so glad you liked it and thanks so much for the amazing review!
and curry-punch ftw! lol
<3 Kerrie

very nice

you did a great job at taking a music genre that usually always sounds the same and making it your own unique piece. I enjoyed all the experimental sounds u threw in there great job ;). I'll make sure to stop by every once in a while to listen to your new stuff. I have 2 new songs Mirage and Forget (Piano). both use the same basic chords and melody but they are 2 different styles. check em out when you have time :). keep up the good work. ciao


zomgkerrie responds:

wow! thanks so much! i'm glad you liked it! i will be sure to swing by and check our your songs as well! thanks for the listen and review!

holy crap this was awesome!

No pun intended with that of course. I love/am jealous of the chanting sample you had in there! This was a simply remarkable track!!! Why its only at a 4.30 is beyond me, so hopefully my 5 will help a little bit! I like how you changed up the Poizone sounds!! The percussion samples sounded spot on for something to represent india!! I love meditative music, and can be pretty damn picky as to what i like to listen to in terms of that. And this is definitely up there with my favorites!!

Plus i don't run across that many females here in the AP, let alone as talented as you :) ( totally not saying they aren't out there..i just havent found them yet XD..paragon doesnt count..everyone knows of her lol)

Keep it up!! you have a great talent!!

zomgkerrie responds:

oh wow! what a nice start to my day to wake up and read such a nice review! this song what different than my original intention, but it just kind of came into place. i was happy with the mix of trance and ambient!

and what a nice compliment! i don't get a lot of time to work on my music since i have a 1 yr old son, but i do certainly try my best with what i DO have time for. this song was my entry to the "represent a country" contest. there is a 2nd represent a country contest, which i am working on my song for currently. i believe the results are announced around april 4th. check NeonProject profile for info if you are interested! but i have Italy this time for the contest and am working on a Benny Benassi inspired piece since he is probably one of the more influential Italian techno artists out there!

Thanks so much for stopping by! look forward to hearing from you again!

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4.78 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2009
8:33 PM EST
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5.9 MB
2 min 35 sec

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